Reaver's Woodworking

Meet Your Craftsmen

So just who is Reaver Woodworking? We’ll they’re a father and son team. Ed and Brian’s shop is located just outside of beautiful historic Emmitsburg, Maryland. Ed (pictured to the right with is life long love and wife, Helen) had an interest in woodwork, and while he initially perused other lines of work, always found himself in his shop at night making something for friends and family. In 1989 Ed finally gave into his inner self and committed himself full-time to cabinet making.

Brian grew up at his father’s side in the family carpentry shop, and like his dad before him, initially perused other careers. When the desire to work with wood, to create heirlooms that would last for generations, became too great, in 1999, Brian joined his father and became a full partner in one of the finest woodwork shops.

Like most people, when it comes to talking about themselves, the words come hard. They would rather talk about the furniture they build. I was so impressed by the quality and design of the entertainment center they built for my wife and I, that I wrote an article about them. While the article doesn’t even come close to capturing Ed's friendly smile, you’ll clearly understand why I consider Reaver Woodworking - My cabinet makers.

Their pride in workmanship produced something my wife and I are sincerely proud to have as part of our home.

Reaver Woodworking -  furniture and friendship to last a life time.

Mike Hillman