Reaver's Woodworking

Entertainment Centers

ustom made entertainment centers provide us the opportunity to show off our woodworking skills. We design and build our entertainment centers around your components, your needs, and the area you have available for the center. All entertainment centers are designed to efficiently accommodate large screen televisions, multiple audio/video components, and large media collections.

Entertainment centers can be freestanding, built into a corner cabinet, or added into an extension bookcase. Our entertainment centers are made of solid oak, cherry, or walnut hardwoods and feature swivel pull-out TV trays, pocket upper cabinet doors, VCR trays, and easy gliding VCR tape drawers with self-catching returns.

Our quality entertainment centers are built using traditional joinery techniques.  All cabinets are built using the same wood species. All drawers are dovetailed and pinned on all four corners. Our materials and hand assembly techniques results in a long lasting piece of fine furniture.

All body joints are screwed and glued providing unparalleled strength for your large and heavy components. To place your components at the desired height, each shelf adjusts in 1 1/2" increments. Shelves are cut approximately 2" short from the depth of the furniture to create an "air chimney" behind your electronics. This chimney effect helps your electronics ventilate, resulting in longer equipment lifetime, In addition, the spacing allows you to wire your components in between each shelf without having to thread cables in and out of holes in the back panel.

Each entertainment center is custom made, so dimensions, color, and hardware are of your choosing. We also offer other custom built, hand made "entertainment equipment" pieces such as hutches, highboys designed specifically to hold your television or stereo audio equipment. Like all our furniture, these can be built in a wide variety of styles, from early american, to colonial, to shaker.