Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

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An Ordinance to Amend
Title 2
Of the Code of Emmitsburg
Administration and Personnel

Be it Resolved, Enacted and Ordained by the Mayor and Board of Commissioners of the Town of Emmitsburg, Maryland that Chapters 2.50.020 and 2.50.030 of the Emmitsburg Municipal Code be amended as follows:

The amended section of this regulation reads as follows with new wording indicated in BOLD CAPITAL letters and deleted words in [strikeout].


Chapter 2.50.20 Employee Salary Chart

A. The town of Emmitsburg does adopt the attached eleven (11) grade, TWELVE (12) GRADE, twelve (12) step salary chart (attached as Section 2.50.030). The salary chart will be adjusted July 1 of each year. It will be adjusted to offset the effects of inflation and/or the cost of living increase. The chart will undergo an across the board adjustment once a year to offset inflation. FROM TIME TO TIME, The inflation adjustmentS rate will be set by the town council each year. Every employee will have a performance evaluation assessment by the town manager each year (between January and April). That performance evaluation (attached as Section 2.50.040) will assess a number of performance standards and has a maximum score of forty-five (45). Employees receiving a score of twenty-seven (27) and above will automatically receive a chart step increase AS OF JULY 1ST OF EACH YEAR. EMPLOYEES SCORING TWENTY-SIX (26) OR BELOW WILL NOT RECEIVE A CHART STEP INCREASE. Employees scoring between twenty (20) and twenty-six (26) may be given a chart step increase at the direction of the town council. Employees scoring nineteen (19) and below will not receive a chart step increase. All employees including the town manager will receive a cost of living (COLA) increase July 1 of each year.

B. When hiring new employees, the town manager only has the authority to offer a starting salary up to step 4, but a starting salary up to step twelve (12) can be offered with the approval of the town council.

C. Employees may receive a probation to regular employee or a grade promotion EMPLOYEES PERMANENTLY ASSIGNED NEW DUTIES AND/OR RESPONSIBILITIES MAY BE PROMOTED AT anytime during the year if recommended by the town manager and approved by the town council MAYOR.

D. EXCEPT FOR TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES, EEmployee pay will be based upon the town of Emmitsburg salary chart for all employees except the town manager.

E. The town council will determine the rate of pay and salary increases for the town manager.

F. E. The salary of a temporary employee shall be determined on a case-by-case basis and approved by the town council MAYOR. The salary of a temporary employee need not be based on the salary chart.

G. Employees receiving a favorable recommendation from the town manager and approval of the town council shall receive his/her salary step increase on July 1 of each year.

H. New employees may receive a step increase after completing three months of satisfactory employment. The town manager shall make a recommendation to the town council after each employee completes three months of employment.

I. F. New employees who are in their three month probationary INTRODUCTORY period on July 1 are not eligible for the standard annual July 1 step increase.

J. G. Employees who are placed on probation (due to poor job performance) during the salary year are not eligible for July 1 step increases.

K. H. Only the town manager and the town planner will be compensated via "comp-time" for over-time hours worked. All "comp-time" hours must be first approved by the town manager AND THE MAYOR. (Ord. 04-18: Ord. 03-14; Ord. 01-19 1)

Chapter 2.50.30 Salary Structure Chart

Passed July 19, 2010

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