Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

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Title 5: Business Licenses and regulations


5.04.010 Licenses required.

It is unlawful for any person, partnership, corporation, solicitor, canvasser, magazine subscription salesman, vendor or deliverer or coal, fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene, bottled gas and other inflammable products, photographers, electric appliance salesmen, sellers of bottled, potable liquids and sellers of foods to sell, vend, or offer for sale at retail upon the streets of the town, or go from house to house for the purpose of selling, vending, or offering for sale any merchandise of any kind at retail within the corporate limits of Emmitsburg without first having obtained a license, as hereinafter provided, for such purpose. Each licensee shall be required to give the following information which shall be noted on the license issued: name, address, merchandise for sale, name and address of employer. Licensees shall carry licenses upon their persons at all times while conducting such business and shall exhibit the same upon demand to any officer of the town. (Prior code Art. VI § 1)

5.04.020 Charge for licenses.

Licenses good for a calendar year shall be issued at a charge of forty dollars ($40.00), and licenses good for a period less than a calendar year shall be issued for a charge of five dollars ($5.00) per day. Application for licenses shall be made to and licenses shall be issued by the town clerk or any elected official of the town. (Prior code Art. VI § 2)

5.04.030 Licenses—Applicant investigation.

Before issuing licenses and accepting the charges therefore, the town clerk or elected official to whom application is made, shall investigate the applicant, his product and equipment, so as to insure the safety and protection of the residents of the town and to be sure that all federal, state and local safety, health, and tax laws and regulations are being followed by such applicant. (Prior code Art. VI § 3)

5.04.040 Exemptions.

None of the licenses provided for in Sections 5.04.010 and 5.04.020, shall be required of any person with an established place of business within the town and subject to usual inspection, regulation and taxation, or employees of such person, or any persons exempted there from by any public general law of Maryland, or by the Constitution of Maryland, or of the United States. (Prior code Art. VI § 4)

5.04.050 Garbage collectors.

All persons collecting garbage as a business or occupation in the town shall obtain a license therefore from the town clerk or an elected town official before engaging in such business or occupation. Fee and requirements for such licenses shall be the same as provided in Sections 5.04.010, 5.04.020 and 5.04.040. (Prior code Art. VI § 5)

5.04.060 Master electricians.

  1. Master electricians shall be licensed in accordance with the provisions of the Electrical Code (Chapter 1-7, Article IV) of the Frederick County Code, as amended.

  2. Nothing contained in this section shall require a presently licensed master electrician to reapply or requalify for licensing. (Ord. 90-3 §§ 1, 2: prior code Art. VI § 6)

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