Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

    Planner’s Report                                                                                                   March 2014        

S  Susan H.. Cipperly, Town Planner

 1.1.   Attended the following town meetings:

·         Town Board  March 17

·         Planning Commission March 31  

2.  Communicated with engineering firm, plus County and State agencies regarding Dollar General applications. Prepared staff comments, as subdivision and site plan applications were on March 31 Planning Commission agenda.   Subdivision was approved with conditions, and site plan will be on May 27 (Tuesday) Planning Commission meeting.  

3.  Finalized Community Legacy agreements and had applicants and mayor sign them.  

4.  Provided information to press re planning items, including Dollar General.  

5.  Organized documents for 400 W. Main court case, met with town attorney, and attended court in case testimony was needed.   Judge ruled for the Town.  Fence to be reduced to 4 feet in height by April 30, 2014, or Town can have it reduced in height.  

6.  Watch “Aging in Place” webinar, which had aspects pertinent to Emmitsburg.  

7.  Prepared forestation ordinance for town meeting, and presented it to Board.  Approved with one modification.

8.  Participated in discussions re nuisance, noise, disturbance issues and potential solutions, with town staff, mayor, and John Clapp.  

9.  Provided remaining info to MDP/MHAA to receive final $7,000 payment for 2013 square grant.

10.  Finalized Homes for Emmitsburg stormwater performance agreement.  All parties have now signed.

11.  Provided chicken ordinance and info to Carroll Valley PA borough councilman.  

12.  Discussions, communications re potential SHA funding for square project.  

13.  Discussed Journey through Hallowed Ground signage with SHA.  Passed along to D. Haller.  

14.  Met with Mayor Briggs and Dave Haller re town meeting agenda.  

15.  Talked with Chris Haugh, FredCo Tourism, re kiosks at Welcome Center, and potential for getting one for in-town location.  Provided info to local organizations at request of mayor.  

16.  Supervised code/zoning enforcement.  Main issue during February has been snow      removal.  

17.  Took pictures for Welcome Ctr kiosk at request of Chris Haugh, Tourism Office.  

18.  Reviewed Dollar General plans with Pat Boyle, Planning Commission Chairman.  

19.  Spoke with Richard Hughes, MDP, re our 2014 MHAA grant agreement.  

20.  Request from John Ketchum FEMA historical office, for mayor’s signature on historical    resources agreement we have coordinated on.  

21.  Community Legacy quarterly activity report.  

22.  Provided information to interested parties re 227 DePaul street property.  

23.  Dave Coyne, SHA7 re dedicated r.o.w. at Dollar General site.