Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

      Town Planners Report                                                                                February 2014        

.   Susan H. Cipperly, Town Planner  

1. Attended the following town meetings:

         Town Board  Feb 17

         Square information meeting  Feb 19  

2.  Communicated with engineering firm regarding Dollar General applications.  Subdivision and site plan applications will be on March 31 Planning Commission agenda.  

3.  Public information meeting for the square.  Developed power point and displays,     advertising, coordinated with Mayor Briggs, State Highway, and Seth Harry and    Associates re presentation.  

4.  Provided information to press re planning items and square revitalization meeting          follow-up.  

5.  Prepared evaluation for Code Enforcement/Zoning Technician position.  

6.  Received and processed subdivision and site plan applications for Dollar General project. Review will be coordinated with State Highway, Frederick County stormwater office, Soil Conservation district, and County Health Dept.  Copies delivered to Planning  Commission members, staff comments to follow.  

7.  Met with Dave Haller and Jerry Muir regarding several ongoing projects.  

8.  Presented Flood Plain ordinance and Forestation Ordinance revisions at the town meeting on February 17.  

9.  Prepared and sent mailing to non-profit organizations regarding the revised temporary sign rules.  

10.  Met with George Brennan, DOC Facilities Manager, regarding potential interior renovations and potential parking revisions.

11. Supervised code/zoning enforcement.  Main issue during February has been snow removal.  

12.  Worked on Community Legacy materials for property owners awarded grant funds for the initial application round.