Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland


Plann  Planners Report                                                                                              April 2014        

Susan Susan H. Cipperly, Town Planner  

  • Community Legacy grant program coordination with grantees and with DHCD. Needed correction of completed work, and Frederick Co permits on one project.    

  • Communicated with engineering firm, plus State Highway regarding Dollar General site plan application.  Site plan review will be continued on May 27 (Tuesday) Planning Commission meeting.

  •  Contacted Frederick County permits regarding enforcement issues.

  •  Researched College Mtn town property with J. Muir.

  •  Met with Verizon subcontractor (NB+C) regarding the use of compact area wireless antennas (to boost data capacity in limited area).  Our code does not currently address this technology.

  • Coordinated with Frederick County Tourism regarding potential kiosk for the square. Mayor Briggs worked on getting donations and town funding.

  • Met with individuals seeking information about 227 DePaul Street property for sale, and how it relates to zoning. Also met with owners of the property and town manager re what allowed uses are.

  • Discussed potential improvements to 22 E. Main with J. Muir, in context of potential CL application.

  • Discussed town sign requirements with Dollar General sign contractor.

  • Revised Comm. Legacy grant application and background information.  Deadline for next round is June 12.

  • Met with George Brenton, DOC, regarding waterline to NETC, and design of meter vault for Homes for Emmitsburg.

  • Prepared info sheet regarding cluster subdivisions for town board packet.

  • Supervised code enforcement activity.