Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Zoning/Code Enforcement Report

January 2014

1. Finalizing Board of Appeals file materials.
2. Continued MEA grant administration.
     a. Submitted MEA monthly required status report to State.
     b. Updated Town electrical usage charts for energy tracking.
     c. Had a follow up conversation with Sean Williams and the Town Planner regarding   grant award process.
3. Coordinated potential court case with Town Attorney.
4. Plan research for a meeting regarding potential land use for the eastern side of Route 15.
5. Sent letter to SHA regarding potential turn lane at Timber Mill Road.
6. Met with Town Planner to discuss various current and future projects.
7. Updated grease trap reports and sent out second notice letters.
8. Reviewed and updated draft revision Forest Conservation sections of the Ordinance.
9. Gathered available property information on Town-owned rental properties for insurance report.
10. Wrote response to Sumersett Construction’s letter regarding FEMA waterline
11. Met with George Brenton and the Town Planner regarding Daughters of Charity renovations to D and E wings.
12. Draft cost estimate requests for 22 East Main renovations.
13. Took water and sewer plans to Copy + for scanning.
14. Finalized a burning permit template for Town.
15. Met with DNR regarding forest programs. Took DNR staff on a tour of potential planting sites.
16. Met with Town Manager and Standard Solar regarding final metering contracts. Provided research in kilo watt hour usage.
17. Looked into MD Economic Development grant for Mayor. Follow-up with City of Hagerstown staff.
18. Draft letter to Frederick County Liquor Board for Town Manager.
19. Provide research into potential savings for the Vigilant Hose Company if they participate in the solar metering project.
20. Issued + 50 enforcement letters regarding snow removal from sidewalks.
21. Tour town on a regular basis.

Zoning permits and/or zoning letters issued during January:
Date / Address / Type / Fee
1-10-14 / 1327 Huntley Circle / Fence / $49
1-27-14 / 327 S Seton Ave / Const trailer / $35
1-29-14 / 39 Federal Ave / RV Carport / $39

1. Attended the following town meetings:
      Town Board January 22
      Planning Commission January 27
      Board of Appeals January 28
2. Worked on Planning Update for January 22 town board meeting.
3. Prepared meeting materials for Planning Commission and Board of Appeals. After meeting, prepared meeting minutes for BOA meeting and e-mailed to BOA members.
4. Coordinated review of Homes for Emmitsburg stormwater agreement and letter of credit by John Clapp, Esq.
5. Met with Community Legacy working group re finalizing grant awards.
6. Met with George Brennan, DOC Facilities Manager, regarding potential interior renovations, and potential revisions to the parking plan so as to better serve the new building functions.
7. The Square –
     Conference call with Seth Harry and Mayor Briggs re approach for meeting with State Highway (SHA). (1/22)
     Prepared powerpoint and meeting materials for 1/23 meeting with SHA7.
     Meeting(1/23) with SHADist.7 staff and Seth Harry to go over their review of the revised design, compared to SHA standards. Set public information meeting set for February 12, 2014.
     Prepared and distributed meeting info via posters, e-mails, Ch 99, website, facebook.
8. Met with Dept of Natural Resources staff regarding potential resources and funds for stormwater enhancement projects. Will need to tie any projects into the Watershed Improvement Plan timetable, so as to assure credit for reductions in volume, improvements to water quality.
9. Conference call with MD Energy Administration re LED/solar grant funding.
10. Provided Forestation Ordinance draft for 2/3/2014 town meeting packet, after incorporating John Clapp comments.
11. Conferred with MD Dept. of Environment contact and John Clapp re draft of floodplain ordinance revision. Will be discussion item at 2/3/2014 meeting.
12. Conferred with MD Dept of Planning liaison re MHAA 2014 grant, and need to revise timetable to reflect SHA involvement in construction design and funding.
13. Conferred with DHCD contact re Community Legacy program applications. Prepared agreement for review by John Clapp.
14. Supervised zoning and code enforcement activity. Contacted Frederick Co. re status of Use and Occupancy permit application for existing non-compliant business.