Town of Emmitsburg
PO Box 990
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Susan H. Cipperly, AICP      

  1. Undertook review and revisions of Comprehensive Plan.   Provided revised Section 1 to Town Council, reflecting changes discussed at December 15, 2008 Council meeting.

  2. Prepared and presented Power Point regarding Comprehensive Plan Section 2-2.3 for Town Council meeting held January 21, 2009.

  3. Met with manager for Southgate Homeowners Association regarding street lights responsibility.   Owner of Southgate infrastructure was advised to provide as-built of roads so they can officially be turned over to the Town.

    Same manager is responsible for 51 DePaul Street apartment building.  We discussed the improvement in student noise/behavior issues in the building.

  4. Attended two days of training for Frederick County Geographic Information Systems (computer mapping).

  5. Provided review and updates for Frederick County Comprehensive Plan Water Resources Element.

  6. Provided final review for Frederick County Water & Sewer Plan, Emmitsburg information.

  7. Attended Mayor’s staff meeting (1.20)

  8. Assisted Water Committee with water-saving tips brochure to be sent with next water billing.

  9. Coordinated with Daughters of Charity re banners for Main Street lamp posts.

  10. Supervised code enforcement work, met with individuals and business owners regarding compliance.

  11. Attended January 26, 2009 Planning Commission meeting.

  12. Worked on review and recommendations of Comp Plan Sections 2.4 – 2.8 for February Town Council meeting.