Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland


Town Manager's Report


Prepared by David Haller




·         Staff repaired a few streetlights.

·         Our contractor removed the concrete base of the Doughboy Memorial.

·         Staff cleaned out the storm drain inlets on Federal Ave.

·         Staff cleaned West Main St.


·         Rainbow Lake is now at the spillway level. 

·         The roughing filters are being backwashed one time a day and the DE filters are being done once per week.

·         Our wells are now on average 7.3’ below their May 2011 levels. 

·         Water production and consumption.  We produced and purchased an average of 287,641 GPD.  We consumed an average of 241,980 GPD.


 The difference is "Backwash Water" ... (15.8%). We purchased 371,250 gallons of water from MSM this month.

o    38.3% of this water came from wells. 

o      4.2% of this water came from Mt. St. Mary's.

o    57.5% of this water came from Rainbow Lake. 


·         The overland flow treatment system is shut down.

·         We received about 4.9” of precipitation this month (the average is 3.3”).  

o    We have a precipitation SURPLUS of 14.3" over the last six months.  The average precipitation for the period from June 1 thru December 31 is 22.1".  We have received 36.4" for that period.

·         Wastewater Treatment:


o    We treated an average of 637,000 GPD (consumed 241,980 GPD) which means that 38.0% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water". 

o    We had no spills of untreated sewerage in the month of September.

o    We exceeded the plant’s design capacity on nine days in the month of December.


12/01  1,251,000  GPD        12/02  1,137,000 GPD         12/03  753,000 GPD

12/23  1,583,000 GPD         12/24     953,000 GPD         12/25  849,000 GPD

12/28  1,191,000 GPD         12/29  1,572,000 GPD         12/30  896,000 GPD



Trash:  Trash pickup will remain Mondays for the remainder of the month of January.


·         Staff has winterized the restrooms in Community Park.

·         Staff performed monthly checks in all parks.

·         Staff has winterized all of the Town ballfields.

I Recently Attended the Following Meetings: 

·         12/15 New Sewer plant review meeting

·         12/15 Met with staff related to a GIS system



Date:  DECEMBER 2015  

Overtime Parking: 39

Restricted Parking Zone: 1

24 Hour Consecutive Parking:

Parked in Crosswalk:

Parked on Sidewalk:

Parked Blocking Road:

Parked by Fire Hydrant:

Parked on Highway:

Failure to Park between Lines: 1

Other Violation: 1

Left Side Parking: 2

Street Sweeping: 7

Meter Money:  $1,128.17

Parking Permits:

Meter Bag Rental: $6.00

Parking Ticket Money: $ 945.00

Funerals: 1  

Total:  $ 2079.17

Zoning/Code Enforcement Report                                            December 2015

1.   Attended a meeting with Planner regarding GIS system.

  1. Provide energy project write up for the Town web site.
  2. Follow up with Power Star regarding production schedule.
  3. Provide WWTP as built plans for Dan and engineer.   
  4. Contact with Fox Engineering regarding water line extension at the Square.
  5.  Contact with RSV pools regarding pool RFP.  Met with Town staff and noted adjustments to the contract.
  6. Received final billing for 140 South Seton porch rehabilitation.  
  7. Updated PE and solar info.  Met with Accountant, Town Manager and Mayor regarding billing. 
  8. Sent letter to Town Attorney regarding the issues discussed regarding 14 Federal Avenue regarding in-law suite. 
  9. Met with Town Manager and DPW about the Square waterline extension.    
  10. Contact PE about adding Ambulance Company to solar waterfall.  
  11. Met with the Mayor and Fire Museum officials regarding museums future.
  12. Met with SHA, Mayor and Town Manager for a Square project update.  Reviewed initial landscaping plans.  Set meeting dates for January meetings and field walk.
  13. Attended a tour of the WWTP for the Frederick County Sustainability Committee.
  14. Release Dollar General letter of credit.
  15. Finalized FEMA easement and had plans signed.  Gave notice to turn on water line.
  16. Tour town for Code Enforcement. 

Zoning permits and/or zoning letters issued  

Date                Address                          Type                    Fee



12-04-15           301 W Main                    Roof replace       $ 53

12-29-15             58 Federal Ave            Porch add.           $35