Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Minutes Public Workshop
Emmitsburg Town Office
September 22, 2004

Agenda Items

Flat Run Sewer Line Bid 

Haller reconfigured bid requirements. Received a bid lower than last round. Recommends accepting low bid from DeLauter & Sons. Mayor Hoover asked if this bid is accepted what is the start date? Mr. Haller responded that he thinks it's the first week of December, 150 day project with a 30 day float, after that they start paying liquidated damages of $1,000 a day. 

Motion: To accept the bid from W. F. DeLauter & Sons, Inc. to replace the Flat Run Sewer Line a cost of $834,932.10. The motion was made by Commissioner Rosensteel and seconded by Commissioner Elder.

Commissioner Elder commented the he would like to see this move along, the water line is way behind schedule. Mr. Haller explained that the delay on the water line is not with Mr. DeLauter but with the County. County Commissioners have been helpful in trying to move this along. Vote: 3-0 in favor 

Authorize Purchase of Pick-up Truck for Sewer and Water Departments

Mr. Haller reported that over a period of 6 months, on and off, there has been discussion on this issue, he was asked to look into it, can buy pickup for the water and sewer department for less than $20,000. Mayor Hoover agreed with Mr. Haller that there is a need for the addition of 2 used vehicles. Commissioner O'Neil inquired how is this budgeted for? Mr. Haller said there is CIP money. Mr. Haller stated that he could get two vehicles between 8-20,000 miles on them from CarMax, testified to satisfaction with them. Commissioner O'Neil asked about prior discussion regarding purchasing a street sweeper. Mr. Haller responded that he happened to have gotten a bid for a high-quality parking lot street sweeper for about $50,000-$55,000. Commissioner O'Neil said to bring this information next time to discuss. Mr.Haller will bring pictures, quotes. Commissioner Elder asked if this would come from the equipment fund set aside in this fiscal year budget. Mr. Haller answered that it would not come from the mower money, that there are capital funds available if allowed to earmark for these vehicles. 

Motion: to fund the money for the 2 vehicles for the sewer and water dept. The motion was made by Commissioner Elder and seconded by Commissioner Rosensteel. Vote: 3-0 in favor

Proposed October 4, 2004 Agenda Items 

  • Approval of text amendment Ordinance 04-15 Changes Town meeting requirements from one meeting per month to two meetings per month.- yes

  • Election Rules - Mr. O'Neil has drafted an election ordinance - discussion of items to be included i.e., placement of signs, identification, proximity of candidates. - yes

  • Replace garage doors at main maintenance garage -yes

  • Approval of text amendment Ordinance 04-16: amends the Title 16; Section 15.16.030 & 15.16.090 -Signage in Village Zone - recommendation from Planning & Zoning Commission - yes

  • Mr. Lucas: Has been in contact with Buckeye Development in regards to monies in PWA, request release of non-swale related public improvements. - Commissioner O'Neil: don't like to see Pembrook Woods considered in a piece-meal fashion. There was a discussion on whether the swales were done. Mr.O'Neil is not satisfied that they met the requirements for the swales. Mr. Haller illuminated that the specific monies are put up by section. Mr. O'Neil questioned what Mr. Lucas is specifically asking for? Mr. Lucas: asking in regards to non-swale public improvements as to whether these requests should be processed. Ok to put on agenda -yes. Commissioner O'Neil asked that all parties be formally contacted, explain in detail on channel 99.

Public Comment: Jen Staiger 1230 Brookfield Dr., secretary of the Pembrook Woods HOA would like to see exact percentage as it relates to what is being withheld, what it's for, what's remaining. Mr. Lucas commented that they are public records.

Mayor Hoover stated he would like to limit the agenda items because a few of them are going to be lengthy.

Mr. O'Neil commented that the streets committee met last night. There is an understanding that there has been a complete inventory of town sidewalks during Mr. Sweeney's tenure with the committee and they would like a copy of it. Of particular concern is that some of the sidewalks are not ADA compliant. Also want information regarding prior requests for mirror, and there was discussion on the snow route of Silo Hill. Mr. Haller stated he would like to have all that in writing, also there is no written inventory of the sidewalks. Mr. Haller enumerated several reasons the Town would need to be very careful getting into handicapped access. Commissioner O'Neil asked Mr. Haller to email him with those comments. The Board put together a report for paving. Mr. Lucas added about the sidewalks, homeowner is responsible, if the Town gets involved in the sidewalks are they willing to take full responsibility, very expensive. Mr. O'Neil mentioned that North School Lane adjacent to St Elias Lutheran Church, heavy use requires a higher standard of paving.

Public Comments - none