Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Planner’s Report                                                                             May 2010

Susan H. Cipperly, Town Planner



1.       Attended the following Town meetings:

                   Mayor’s staff meeting – May 10

                   Town Council meeting – May 3 and 17

                   Board of Appeals – May 18

                   Planning Commission – May 24


2.       Zoning Text Amendments – presentations at Town Council meetings, landowner

          notifications, newspaper ads, and town media notices.


3.      Attended Preservation Maryland conference in Easton, May 20-21.

         Attended sessions on marketing, historic building rehab, economic development,

         green building, etc. related to historic districts/towns.

         Toured projects undertaken in Easton.


 4.       Met with representatives of upcoming events, projects, and potential projects

              - Emmitsburg High School Alumni group re October event

              - Local Eagle Scout re project

              - Chip Jewell regarding Fire Museum project

              - Tim Elliot regarding potential commercial development @ 140/15 NE quadrant


5.       Continued follow-up on grease trap permit compliance.  


6.       Continued to provide materials to consultants for both the wastewater treatment plant upgrade and the Well J analysis.  


7.       Supervised code enforcement/zoning, permit issuance. 

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