Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland
Planner's Report                                                                              April 2010
Susan H. Cipperly, Town Planner

1. Attended the following Town meetings:
    Mayor's staff meeting - April 5
    Town Council meeting - April 19
    Planning Commission - April 26

2. Attended First Aid and CPR training.

3. Attended Frederick County Planning Webinar re Bicycle Parking.

4. Attended EBPA luncheon - Gettysburg Festival Marketing Director was speaker.

5. Prepared advertising materials for May 17 Public Hearing on zoning text amendments    and Comprehensive Rezoning Map for newspaper, website, and postings.

6. Responded to inquiries regarding zoning, grease interceptor applications,
    code enforcement.

7. Supervised new code enforcement - zoning technician. Undertook review of existing   grease interceptor application files, enforcement situations, Frederick County permit system.

8. Met with owner of 2 E. Main Street regarding town permits required after building   burned.

9. Wastewater treatment plant upgrade. Met with consultant and town staff, and provided maps and    text materials for use by consultant in drafting environmental report regarding the waste water treatment plant upgrade.

10. Met with and provided maps/materials for consultants relative to Well J analysis.



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