Town of Emmitsburg
PO Box 990
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland


Susan H. Cipperly, AICP   

1. Attended the following Town meetings: Town Council – October 19, 2009 Mayor’s Staff meeting – October 21, 2009 Planning Commission – October 26, 2009

2. Attended American Planning Association Mid-Atlantic Planning Roundtable re local & regional, state and multi-state planning issues – Frederick on October 1, 2009.

3. Responded to inquiries from landowners/representatives regarding Comprehensive Plan recommendations.

4. Prepared final revisions to 2009 Comprehensive Plan for November 2 Town Council meeting.

5. Responded to inquiries regarding commercial properties within the town. Provided follow-up as needed.

6. Researched and drafted letter for Town Council regarding Civil War Heritage Trailblazer signage on US 15. (Received SHA response on Nov. 3 stating that signage would be installed as requested.)

7. Attended EBPA event at new Smokehouse Alley establishment on Chesapeake Avenue.

8. Two local businesses have changed hands or name during October, and secured occupancy permits from the town.

- Carleo Italian Pizza in Silo Hill Center is under new ownership - One More Tavern is now Smokehouse Alley.

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