Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Planner's Report
March 2005

Revenues - $2,506.35

  • Meter Money - $ 726.60

  • Permits - $215.00

  • Tickets- $1,564.75

Codes Enforcement Activity - 230

  • Parking Citations - 222

  • Restricted Parking - 8

Other Activities

  • Funerals Directed - 3

  • Abandoned Vehicles - 3

Permits - 8

  • Fence - 3
  • Decks - 3
  • New Home -1
  • Other - 1 (Footbridge)

Staff Activity

  • In March the Staff along with Mr. Hallerís office created an incident report data base which is to be managed by the Planning Department. This will allow the town to track all types of incidents with regard to the nature of the problem reported, action promised and action taken. This includes all water, sewer, and public works incidents as well as complaints to the Planning department. This computerized data base will greatly enhance record keeping and tracking of all incidents reported to the Town. (See attachment).
  • In March the staff prepared two text amendments to the zoning ordinance.
  • In March the staff prepared amendment to the Emmitsburg Sewer Service Area Map for presentation to Frederick County in May.
  • On March 8, the staff along with Mr. Haller met with an industrial prospect who has plans to construct a 13,500 square foot facility in Emmitsburg. Site Plan submissions are expected in April.
  • On March 18 the staff attended a workshop of the Upper Monocacy Water resdourses Action Strategy Group in Frederick.
  • On March 25, the staff met with representatives of various pool management companies and at the request of the Mayor is soliciting bids for the upcoming season. An inventory and needs assessment of the facility will be presented later this month.
  • On March 29 the staff met with representatives of Emmitsburg Glass in continuing efforts to facilitate their move to their Creamery Road site. A meeting has been scheduled between MDE and Town management staff for April 11 in Baltimore.


Site Address Development Zoning Type Dimensions Fee Appvl. Comments
4037 2070 Pembrook Ct Pembrook Woods R1 Deck 12'x16' $39.00 3-02-05  
4038 1311 Huntley Cir Brookfield R1 Deck 19'x12' $43.00 03-08-05  
4039 2045 Pembrook Ct Pembrook Woods R1 Deck 14'x28' $37.00 03-17-05  
4040 2045 Pembrook Ct Pembrook Woods R1 Fence 577 lin. ft $35.00 03-17-05  
4041 4125 Carrick Ct Pembrook Woods R1 Fence 522 lin. ft $47.00 03-21-05  
4042 68 Robindale Dr. Silo Hill R2 Fence 227 lin. Ft $39.00 03-28-05  
4043 Emmitsburg Elementary School N/A OS Footbridge 15' x 4' Fee Waived Pending Need MDE apprvl, county permission and set of plans.
3089A 440 Timbermill Rd Brookfield R1 New Home   $200.00 3-17-05 Under Tap Allocation #4

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