Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
May   2006

Prepared by David Haller


  • The curb and sidewalk has been repaired and the curb-cut removed on West Main at School Lane
  • Staff has installed a parking space and meter at the old entrance to School Lane on West Main Street
  • Staff has repaired and relocated a number of street signs
  • Staff installed the American Flags on Main Street


  • Staff has flushed the raw line from Rainbow Lake to the water treatment plant
  • The roughing filters are being backwashed everyday and the DE filters every 7th day
  • The pilot plant clarifier has been delivered and testing operations will begin very soon
  • Staff has completed the state mandated "Consumer Confidence Report"
  • The lab area enclosure has been completed at the water treatment plant as recommended by MDE                
  • Water production and consumption.  We produced and purchased an average of 381,094 gpd.  We consumed an average of 371,242 gpd.
    • The difference is "Backwash Water" ...(2.6%).   We purchased 397,250 gals. of water from MSM this month.
    • 59.1% of this water came from wells 
    •  3.3% of this water came from Mt. St. Mary's
    • 37.6% of this water came from Rainbow Lake 


  • We had one raw sewerage spill in the Month of May @ MH S-15 on May 11th 1,222 gal. We received 1.9" of rain that day
  • We received about 3.3 inches of precipitation this month (the average is 4.5 inches)
    • We are 5.o" short on precipitation over the last six months
    • 74% or 3.5" of that shortage came in March when we only received 0.5" of precipitation
  • Wastewater Treatment:
    • We treated an average of 406,000 gpd (consumed 371,242 gpd) which means that 8.6% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water"
    • We exceeded the plant's design capacity two days in the month of May        5/11  .... 1,056,000 gpd    5/15 ... 1,116,000 gpd


  • Trash pickup days will remain Monday & Thursday for the month of June


  • Staff has painted the floor in the pool building
  • Staff installed the posts and cable at the farmer's market
  • Staff has completed the installation of the bike rack at the Community Center
  • Staff and a contractor have completed the repairs to the electrical supply system and the bathrooms in Memorial Park

Meetings Attended:

  • 05/10 Frederick County Building Managers Meeting
  • 05/11 Sesquehanna Ban- related to purchase of 140 S. Seton Avenue
  • 05/12 With Fox & Assoc. related to South Seton Avenue project
  • 05/12 Emmitsburg Glass Co. & County Plumbing Inspector related to their new building
  • 05/19 Developer of Brookfield related to Section III Build-out
  • 05-23 Pre-Construction meeting - Community Park bathrooms
  • 05/26 Progress meeting - Creamery Road sewer project



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