Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
March 2006

Prepared by David Haller


  • Staff swept East & West Main Streets
  • Staff repaired a number of street lights
  • Staff installed and repaired a number of street signs
  • Staff installed "no parking" signs on Cedar Ave. & in Pembroke
  • Staff took down "snow emergency" signs 


  • The generator problems at the water treatment plant have been corrected and the system is functioning properly again
  • The roughing filters are being backwashed everyday and the DE filters every 7th day
  • Our water plant and the operation thereof was reviewed by MDE last month and we given an above average rating
  • We have contracted a local trapper to trap the beavers at Rainbow Lake.  They are not recommended by MDE
  • Water production and consumption.  We produced and purchased an average of 333,962 gpd.  We consumed an average of 327,282 gpd.
    • The difference is "Backwash Water" ...(2.0%).   We purchased 370,000 gals. of water from MSM this month.
    • 52.0% of this water came from wells 
    •  3.5% of this water came from Mt. St. Mary's
    • 44.5% of this water came from Rainbow Lake 


  • We had no raw sewerage spills in the Month of March
  • We received about 0.5 inches of precipitation this month
  • Wastewater Treatment:
    • We treated an average of 293,000 gpd (consumed 327,282 gpd) which means that 0% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water"
    • We did not exceed the plant's design capacity in the month of March


  • Trash pickup days will remain Monday & Thursday for the month of April


  • Staff has been working on the ballfields and dougouts
  • Staff made a number of general repairs in preparation for the Spring season
  • Staff has cleaned the graffiti off of the Community Park pavilion
  • Staff has installed a 4 inch stormwater drainage pipe in Memorial Park to better drain the Little League field
  • Staff has opened the bathrooms and concession stand in Memorial Park for the season

Meetings Attended:

  • 03/15 State of Maryland workforce housing seminar
  • 03/21 with MDE for water plant review
  • 03/28 with MDE for water plant review
  • 03/29 with the Town's new planning consultant
  • 03/29 with MDE for water plant review
  • 03/31 with Fox & Associations related to Creamery Rd. force main rehab project

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