Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
December  2006

Prepared by David Haller


  • Staff repaired a number of street and stop signs

  • Staff has repaired a number of street lights

  • Staff has placed snow flags on the fire hydrants around Town

  • Staff decorated the Community Center and Main Street

  • Staff put up construction signs on South Seton Avenue


  • As the lake water has cooled staff has discontinued the injection of coagulant treatment at Well #3 and the plant is operating well

  • The roughing filters are being backwashed once everyday and the DE filters are  being done once every week

  • Both of our new water and sewer department employees (Dave Bailey and Jeff Wiles) appear to be developing very well and are now participating in both daily and weekend operations

  • Water production and consumption.  We produced and purchased an average of 299,674 gpd.  We consumed an average of 266,976 gpd.

    • The difference is "Backwash Water" ...(10.90%).   We purchased 432,400 gals. of water from MSM this month.

    • 45.5% of this water came from wells 

    •  4.7% of this water came from Mt. St. Mary's

    • 52.8% of this water came from Rainbow Lake 


  • Staff is de-sludgeing Lagoon #2 at the wastewater treatment plant

  • We received about 4.2 inches of precipitation this month (the average is 3.3 inches)

    • We have exceeded the average precipitation by 0.6" over the last six months.  The average precipitation for the period from July1 thru December 31 is 22.2" and we have received 22.8" for that period

  • Wastewater Treatment:

    • We treated an average of 493,000 gpd (consumed 266,976 gpd) which means that 46% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water"

    • We experienced one spill of untreated sewerage during the month of December, it was the result of a blocked sewer main (spilled 9,000 gals.)

    • We exceeded the plant's design capacity on four days in the Month of December

    • 12/22  1,980,000 gal.;   12/23  1,224,000 gal.;   12/25  1,243,000 gal;       

    • 12/26     967,000 gal.; 


  • Trash pickup will remain Monday and Thursday for the Month of January., 2007 


  • Staff repaired bike rack at Community Center

  • Staff supervised the completion of the final punch list for the new bathrooms in Community Park

  • Staff performed grading at the Farmer's Market site and Silo Hill Park

Meetings Attended:

  • 12/06 Frederick County Economic Development meeting

  • 12/06 Lincoln Avenue water & sewer rehab project meeting

  • 12/06 Mountain Trails Task Force meeting

  • 12/07 Meeting with property owner interested in possible annexation

  • 12/12 Meeting with property owner related to on-site parking requirements

  • 12/13 EBPA Board of Directors meeting

  • 12/13 South Seton Avenue water & sewer rehab progress meeting

  • 12/14 Frederick County Commissioners & Municipal Joint meeting

  • 12/20 Elder court hearing




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