Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
January 2005

Prepared by David Haller   


  • Staff has been plowing snow and treating streets
  • In response to the numerous citizen complaints and at the direction of Mayor Hoover Staff has installed new one-way street signage on Armstrong Lane (North only), Stone Lane (South only) and Hoffman Lane (North only) 
  • Staff has cleared the sidewalks and parking lot at the Community Center
  • Pursuant to an earlier Council vote and at the direction of Mayor Hoover staff has installed a 40 foot section of the permanent concrete median in the center of Silo Hill Parkway


  • The new media in the roughing filters continues to function very well and is increasing the capacity of the "DE" filters.  We are now getting seven (7) day runs on the "DE" filters.  This improved operation has greatly reduced our backwash water requirements
  • Staff and Commissioner Elder have met with the rehab contractor related to the 500,000 gal. storage tank and repairs have been completed on the tank (at the contractor's expense).  We hope to have the tank back on line very soon
  • As a mater of clarification relating to the incident in which the (new) 100,000 gal water storage tank was struck by a truck.  The facts are as follow: the tank was hit by a pickup truck which was driven by a workman working for the company which was doing the rehab work on the 500,000 gal. tank.  The tank suffered very limited damage to the exterior.  However, when the 500,000 gal tank is back on line the tank which was hit will be drained, inspected and repaired if needed,  all at the expense of the driver of the truck that hit the tank
  • Staff has discovered and shut-off a major water leak (approx 100 gpm) at 122 & 123 W. Main Street (the proposed site of Dr. Portier's new office).  The building was left empty with no heat and the in-house pipes froze and burst
  • Staff has flushed the main feed water line from Rainbow Lake to the water treatment plant
  • Work is proceeding well and on schedule for the Mt. View Rd. water line rehab. project
  • Water production and consumption:
    • We produced and purchased an avg. of 362,357 gpd
    • We consumed an avg of 361,068 gpd  **up due to major leak at 122-123 W. Main St.
    • The difference is "backwash" water ...(0.3%)  ***Due to rehab of the 500,000 gal storage tank we purchased 1,180,440 gal of water from MSM this month (down 599,090 gal or 19,970 gpd or 34% from last month)  58% of this water came from wells, 12% came from MSM, 30% came from Rainbow Lake


  • Staff has been performing general / seasonal maintenance at the wastewater treatment plant
  • Staff has been helping with snow removal
  • We received almost 4.7 inches of precipitation this month
  • We did have one sewerage spill in the month of January --1/14 .. 130,000 gal. 
  • Wastewater Treatment:  We treated an average of 708,000 gpd (consumed 361,068 gpd).  Which means that 49% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water"
  • We did exceed the plants design capacity on 7 days in the month of January:
    • 01/05 -- 1,082,000 gal.
    • 01/06 --    957,000 gal.
    • 01/08 -- 1,203,000 gal.       
    • 01/09 --    811,000 gal.
    • 01/13 -- 1,374,000 gal.
    • 01/14 -- 1,239,000 gal.        
    • 01/15 -- 1,050,000 gal.


  • Trash pickup days will be Monday & Thursday for the month of February


  • Staff is performing standard winter maintenance

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