Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
September 2004

prepared by: David Haller, Town Manager 9/30/04


  • Staff cleaned East & West Main Street

  • Staff installed the "Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial"

  • Staff Installed the following signs:
    2 "Slow Children At Play" on Frailey Road
    6 "No Trucks Over 1 Ton"; one at each end of Armstrong, Stoner & Hoffman Lanes

  • Staff Repaired a number of street lights


  • The Rehab of the 500,000 gal. water storage tank has been completed, we were told that the tank could be refilled and staff did so.  However,when we tested the water in the tank (prior to releasing any of said water into the system) we determined that the tank had not cured properly and we have drained the tank wand will allow it two additional weeks to cure before refilling the tank
  • Staff is having a very difficult time with the roughing filters at the water plant due to the algae blooms in Rainbow Lake
  • Due to the algae blooms and the storage tank paint curing problem we are continuing to buy water from Mt. St. Mary's
  • Staff has received interest from 10 contractors related to the demolition of the old water treatment plant
  • Water production and consumption.  We produced and purchased an average of 372,946  gpd. We consumed an average of 341,276 gpd.  **Up 17.2% from July.
    The difference is "Backwash" Water --(8.5%) **Due to the rehab of the 500,000 gal storage tank --- we purchased 2,570,958 gal. of water from MSM this month
  • 581,000 gpd (consumed 341,276) which means that 41% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water" (up from 26% last month).  We exceeded the plants design capacity three days this month ... 9/17- 1,880,000;  9/18 - 1,710,000 & 9/28 - 3,176,000


  • Trash pickup days will be Monday & Thursday for the month of October


  • Staff performed standard mowing, trimming and weed control in all parks
  • Staff painted and installed a new grill at the small pavilion in Memorial Park

Meetings: (attended by the Town Manager)

  • with Frederick Co. Parks & Rec. staff related to the Town of Emmitsburg's After-school program
  • with Frederick Co., Board of Commissioners Municipal meeting
  • with local employer related to the proposed development of a parcel of land east of Rt. 15
  • with the Maryland Department of the Environment related to the ongoing Consent Order
  • with future staff and CASS staff related to the Town's After School Program

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