Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
October 2004

Prepared by: David Haller, Town Manager 10-29-04


  • Staff took up speed bumps around Town 
  • Staff took down the "fallen Fire Fighters Memorial" 
  • Staff Installed 2 speed limit signs on Chesapeake Ave. and a One-Way sign at West Lincoln and Frailey Rd. 
  • Staff Repaired a number of street lights & performed coal patching on Frailey Road


  • Staff flushed fire hydrants this month 
  • Staff treated Rainbow Lake with copper sulfate in an effort to control algae
  • Staff repaired a water main break on Waynesboro Road 
  • Staff repaired and rebuilt the creek crossing at well no. 5
  • Staff repaired the finished water turbidity meter at the new water plant 
  • Water production & consumption: We produced and purchased an ave. of 336,762 gpd We consumed an average of 312,317 gpd **Down 8.5% from September

The difference is "Backwash" water ....(7.2%) **Due to the rehab of the 500,000 gal. storage tank We purchased 2,252,220 gals of water from MSM this month 63% of this water came from wells 27% of this water came from Mt. St. Mary's 10% of this water came from Rainbow Lake


  • Staff shut-down the "overland flow" treatment system at the wastewater treatment plant this month 
  • Staff completed aerator maintenance on all lagoons
  • Staff rebuilt 2 grinder pumps
  • We had a sanitary sewerage overflow at MH #81 at the end of Welty Ave. due to a main blockage
  • We received almost 2 inches of rain this month
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant: We treated an avg. of 428,000 gpd (Consumed 312,317) Which means that 27% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water" (down from 41% last month). We did not exceed the plants design capacity in the month of October


  • Trash pickup days will be Monday & Thursday for the month of November except for Thursday, November 25th "Thanksgiving Day


  • Staff performed standard mowing, trimming and weed control in all parks
  • Staff fixed the storm drain inlet at the Little League field and winterized the bathrooms

Meetings: (Attended by the Town Manager) 

  • With Frederick Co. Public Works & Planning as well as engineers for the proposed developer of a commercial property on Creamery Road 
  • Attended the pre-construction meeting for the Mt. View Rd. waterline replacement project 
  • Met with the building janitorial services contractor 
  • Met with the SHA and engineers for the proposed developer of a commercial property on Creamery Road 
  • Met with members of the Frederick Co. Chapter of the MML related to upcoming negotiations with Frederick County related to new landfill rates

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