Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
November 2004

Prepared by: David Haller, Town Manager 12/02/04


  • Staff prepared street lights on Heritage Lane, Robindale Drive and East & West Main Street

  • Staff installed the median strip in Silo Hill Parkway

  • Staff installed snow flags on fire hydrants

  • staff cut and hauled pine & Christmas tree

  • Staff decorated the Town square and Main Street for Christmas


  • Staff replaced the multi-media in the roughing filters with sand and anthracite and those filters are operating much better

  • The 500,000 gal. storage tank has again failed to meet the specs for use in our water system.  We are in contact with rehab contractor

  • Staff has emptied one of the DE filter waste tanks

  • The contractor has started the demolition of the old water treatment plant

  • Water production and consumption:

    • we produced and purchased an average of 327,930 gpd

    • we consumed an average of 309,449 gpd  (down 9.3% from September)  the difference is "backwash" water  (5.6%).  Due to the rehab of the 500,000 gal. storage tank.

    • we purchased 2,536,980 gals. of water from MSM this month

      • 54% of this water came from wells

      • 27% of this water came from Mt. St. Mary's

      • 19% of this water came from Rainbow Lake


  • Staff completed the shut-down of the "overland flow" treatment system at the wastewater treatment plant this month

  • Staff has been performing general/seasonal maintenance at the wastewater treatment plant

  • Staff has been preparing equipment for snow removal

  • We received almost 5.5 inches of rain this month

  • We did not have any sewerage spills in the month of November

  • Wastewater Treatment:

    • we treated an average of 422,000 gpd (consumed 309,449) which means that 27% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water" same as last month

    • we did exceed the plants design capacity on 5 days in the month of November: 11/4-1,017,000;  11/12 - 1,050,000;  11/24 - 1,691,000;  11/25 - 1,312,000 and 11/28 - 910,000


  • Trash pickup days will be Monday & Thursday for the Month of December


  • Staff performed standard mowing, trimming and weed control in all parks

  • Staff winterized Memorial Park

MEETINGS: (attended by Town Manager)

  • 11/4    Met with after-school program staff

  • 11/8    Meeting related to the Mid-Atlantic Cable Contract

  • 11/9    Pre-construction meeting related to the Little Run Rehab project

  • 11/9    BOCC hearing related to the fire & rescue tax district

  • 11/23   Met with the Town's auditors to review and discuss the FY2003 audit

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