Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
July 2004

Prepared by: David Haller


  • Staff cleaned east & west main street
  • Staff performed a number of ‘coal patch' street repairs
  • Staff repaired and installed a number of stop and street signs – some which were damaged by vandals
  • Staff installed a speed bump on west Lincoln Ave. - near the town pool


  • The rehab of the 500,000 gal. Water storage tank has begun
  • Staff has flushed the main raw water line from rainbow lake to the water treatment plant
  • Staff has cleaned the roughing filters at the water plant
  • With the main storage tank off line for repairs, as of July 22, staff has brought the Mt. St. Mary's Univ. Water system on line at the rate of 100,000 gpd until said tank rehab is complete
  • Water production & consumption: We produced and purchased an avg. Of 310,984 gpd.
  • We consumed an ave. Of 290,770 gpd *** down 5.3% from June. The difference is "backwash" water ...(6.5%). We purchased 951,600 gals from MSM this month -63.4% of this water came from wells.


  • We had no raw sewerage spills this month
  • We received almost 6 inches of rain this month
  • Wastewater treatment: We treated an avg. Of 390,000 gpd (Consumed 290,770) which means that 25% of the wastewater treated this month was "wild water"
  • We exceeded the plant's design capacity one day this month - 7/27: 1,040,000


  • Trash pickup days will be Monday & Thursday for the month of august


  • Staff removed weeds and grass from around the town pool
  • Staff cut-up and hauled away the tree that fell in memorial park
  • Staff performed standard mowing, trimming and weed control in all parks

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