Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Town Manager's Report
August 2004

Prepared by: David Haller


  • Staff cleaned street light globes on East & West Main Street
  • Staff performed "coal patch" repairs on Frailey Road
  • Staff installed a "keep right" sign at the entrance to ‘Northgate'
  • Staff repaired a number of street lights on Main Street and Silo Hill Parkway


  • The rehab of the 500,000 gal. water storage tank has been completed.
  • Staff and Commissioner Elder are working to get electrical service to well No. 6
  • Staff has received interest from three contractors related to the demolition of the old water treatment plan.
  • Staff has applied Copper Sulfate to Rainbow Lake
  • Water production & consumption We produced and purchased an avg. of 334,468 gpd We consumed an avg. of 312,959 gpd **Up 7.5% from July

The difference is "backwash" water ... (6.4%) **Due to the rehab of the 500,000 gal storage tank – we purchased 2,849,180 gals. of water from MSM this month 60.6% of this water came from wells 27.5% of this water came from Mt. St. Mary's 11.9% of this water came from Rainbow Lake


  • With the approval of the Council we have hired Mr. John Plitt as a ‘Senior Water & Sewer operator. He has been employed in a Grade 6 / Step 1 position with a starting salary of $13.28 per hr. or $27,622.00 per yr. Mr. Plitt presently holds a sewer license and will be setting for his water license within the next 6 - 8 months.
  • We had no raw sewerage spills this month
  • We received almost 3 inches of rain this month
  • Wastewater Treatment - We treated an avg. of 422,000 gpd (Consumed 312,959) Which means that 26% of the wastewater treated this month was "Wild Water"
  • We exceeded the plants design capacity two days this month, on 8-01 @ 955,000 gallons and 8/12 @ 835,000 gallons


  • Trash pickup days will be Monday & Thursday for the month of September - with the exception of (Monday) September 6


  • Staff performed standard mowing, trimming and weed control in all parks

Meetings Attended

  • 8/10 - With future staff related to the 2004-2005 Town of Emmitsburg After School Program
  • 8/13 - Fox & Associates related to the Mt. View Road and Well No. 4 projects
  • 8/17 - Bid opening related to the Flat Run Sewer Main Rehab Project (Apparent Low Bid = $834,932.10)
  • 8/17 - With Staff of Town of Emmitsburg 2004-2005 After School Program
  • 8/18 - With Design Engineers and local employer related to the possible development and utility service for a site east of US Rte. 15
  • 8/18 - With the Staff of Catholic Charities related to Up-County
  • 8/24 - Key Sanitation related to trash collection services
  • 8/25 - State's Attorney staff related to missing money
  • 8/30 - Design engineers related to Well No. 4 and Frederick County approvals.

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