Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland

Charter for the Town Government
 of Emmitsburg, Maryland

Article I:  Incorporation and General Government

  1. Incorporation.

  2. Boundaries.

  3. Police Limits.

  4. Laws Applied to Annexed Areas.

Article II:  Board of Commissioners

  1. Legislative powers; Election Generally; Term.

  2. Qualifications.

  3. Salaries.

  4. Meetings.

  5. Quorum: Passage of Ordinances, Generally; Rules and Order of Business.

  6. Attendance of Absent Members; Expulsion of Members.

  7. Witnesses.

  8. Vacancies.

  9. Authority Over Offices, Departments and Agencies.

  10. Authority to Fix Salaries.

  11. Ordinances: Method of Passage, Generally. Veto.

  12. Powers of the Board of Commissioners Enumerated.

  13. Enforcement.

  14. Jail Commitments.

  15. Structure of the Board of Commissioners.

  16. Purpose, Authority, Enforcement.

Article III:  Mayor

  1. Election and Term.

  2. Qualifications and Salary.

  3. Powers and Duties

Article IV:  Registrations, Nominations, and Elections

  1. Eligibility to Vote.

  2. Elections Generally.

  3. Nominations.

Article V:  Finance

  1. Financial Supervision.

  2. Expenditures to be Authorized by the Board of Commissioners.

  3. Fiscal Year.

  4. Budget—Estimates used for Preparation.

  5. Budget Message.

  6. Budget—Contents Generally.

  7. Budget—Classification of Revenues.

  8. Budget—Items to Appear Opposite Anticipated Revenues.

  9. Budget—Status of Public Utilities to Appear in Separate Section.

  10. Budget—Enumeration of Proposed Expenditures.

  11. Budget—Items to Appear Opposite Proposed Expenditures.

  12. Budget—Summary.

  13. Budget—Public Record.

  14. Budget—Change of Items by the Board of Commissioners.

  15. Budget—Adoption.

  16. Issuance of Signing of Checks.

  17. Taxing Power.

  18. Taxable Property and Assessments.

  19. Authority to Borrow Money and Issue and Sell Bonds.

  20. Regulations Concerning the Issuance and Sale of Bonds.

  21. Short Term Borrowing.

  22. Bonds and Notes Exempt from Taxes.

  23. Collection of Taxes.

Article VI:  Public Ways

  1. Powers of the Town Generally.

Article VII:  Water, Sewers and Miscellaneous Public Works

  1. Powers of the Town Generally.

Article VIII:  Miscellaneous Provisions

  1. Prior Rights and Obligations not Affected by the Charter.

  2. Effect of the Charter on Existing Laws.

  3. Effect of the Charter on Existing Ordinances, Resolutions, Etc.

  4. General Penalty.

  5. Inconsistent Laws.

  6. Charter Powers not Exclusive.

  7. Separability