To reach out to the larger community by sharing the love and message of Jesus, training disciples, responding to social issues, feeding the hungry, and spreading the gospel on a local, national and international level.

Activities: Participating in Volunteers In Mission (VIM), supporting Missionaries, operating an After School Program, assisting in crisis situations, supporting Carpenters Table and visiting hospitals and institutions.

Meeting Frequency: During the school year, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday—3:30 to 6:00 PM

Contact: Fred Robinson (410) 756-2I37

Alternate Contact: Lois Smith (4I0) 756-2444


Mission: To share the good news of Christ with the community with "open hearts, open minds, and open doors" welcoming all into the family of God.

Activities: Saturday Evening Coffee House, Sunday Sundae, Chrismon Program, Igniting Ministry and Visitations of Newcomers

Meeting Frequency: Once a month

Contact: Dale & Cheryl Hoehn (410) 751-0353

Alternate Contact: Walt & Joyce Green (410) 756-4221


Mission: To take care of and repair all church properties. Make sure church is available for services such as worship, meetings and programs.

Activities: Work details. Meeting Frequency: Meet as needed.

Contact: Ray Copenhaver (410) 756-6567

Alternate Contact: Bill Stonesifer (410) 756-5640

After School Program

Mission: To mentor students from grade I through 9 to help them grow academically and personally.

Activities: Help with homework, arts & crafts, indoor/outdoor recreation, and snacks. Daily prayer for students to share joys and concerns.

Meeting Frequency: During the school year, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - 3:30 to 6:00 PM

Contact: Fred or Gerry Robinson (410) 756-6085 (Church) (410) 756-2137 (Home)

Alternate Contact: Tess Koeppen (410) 756-2916

United Methodist Women

Mission: To promote spiritual growth, community and church missions through the love of Christ.

Activities: Mother & Daughter Banquet, Spring Fling, Red Bird Mission, Adopt a Family at Christmas, Samaritan Fund and World Vision.

Meeting Frequency: 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM

Contact: Brenda Clapsaddle—President (410) 751-1714

Alternate Contact: Diane Kicas—Treasurer (410) 346-7669

Youth Group

Mission: To bring together the youth of the Church in Christian fellowship and to show Christ's love by helping others in the community and around the world.

Activities: Sponsorship of a child from Brazil, Heifer Project, paper drives, Easter Egg Tree, bike trips, picnics and parties.

Meeting Frequency: 2nd and 4th Sunday immediately following church

Contact: Linda & Karl Warehime—Adult Advisors (410) 857-5370

Alternate Contact: Ashley Hoehn—President (410) 751-0353

United Methodist Men

Mission: To provide spiritual growth to every man in our church encouraging friendships and using our skills for maintaining the house of God.

Activities: Carroll County Food Sunday, Promise Keepers, Volunteers In Mission (VIM), Christmas Mitten & Scarf Tree, Father's Day Breakfast and other community projects including People Helping People.

Meeting Frequency: 1st Monday of the month

Contact: Dale L. Hoehn—President (410) 751-0353

Alternate Contact: Fred Robinson—Vice President (410) 756-2137

Young Adult Fellowship Dinner & Bible Study

Mission: To provide fellowship and study for those in their 20's, 30's, and 40's.

Activities: Alpha Class study or other Bible study with a pot luck dinner and discussion.

Meeting Frequency: Alternative Friday nights at 5:30 PM at the homes of members with baby sitting provided at the home.

Contact: Pastor Art Thomas (410) 756-6092

Alternate Contact: Al & Lisa Patterson (410) 751-0010 or (410) 871-1334