About 1767 Robert Strawbridge, the third Methodist preacher in America, settled in Frederick County, Maryland. He rode around the countryside organizing congregations wherever he went. He would leave these groups under the guidance of a local pastor who would conduct the services in his absence. There are no actual records to prove that Robert Strawbridge actually founded Tom's Creek Methodist Congregation, but it is safe to assume that through his efforts that congregation was formed.

In 1797 the Lutheran and Reformed congregations at Tom's Creek sold their log church to the Methodist congregation. William Moreland was the first minister and served the church until 1833. Services continued in the same building until 1904. The Methodists established a cemetery on the west side of the church and it is still located on Four Points Road.

In 1856 the Emmitsburg Circuit was formed. Initially it consisted of six churches. By 1865, five additional congregations had been added. A rented house near Emmitsburg Methodist Church was the circuit's parsonage. Apparently, Tom's Creek was the largest church for it's apportionments were greater than the other churches. For the year 1857 the total budget of the circuit was $510.00 of which $328.00 was the pastor's salary.

The old log church had been in use for 146 years when in 1903 the congregation decided that a new church was needed and at a better location. Under the leadership of Rev. George W. Harris a new church location was selected approximately two miles from the old site. The Church is located at the comer of Tom's Creek Church Road and Simmons Road. The church was dedicated in May, 1904. The cornerstone contains Sunday School and Church papers, coins, the Carroll Record and names of church members. The pastors of the church continue to use the same pulpit the circuit riders used in the last century.

Under the pastorate of Rev. Adam Grim, a new education building was added to the church. All labor, both skilled and unskilled was donated by members except the plastering of the building. The total cost of the annex was $7,435.55 of which only $108.00 was paid out in labor cost. (The foregoing material was taken from the writings of John Fuss, Jr.)

In 1964, under the ministry of Rev. Martin Case, all four churches on the charge began to grow. It was decided at that point to divide the charge. Thurmont and Catoctin became a two-point charge as did Trinity and Tom's Creek. This move resulted in the Trinity/Tom's Creek Charge having to either buy or build a parsonage. The location chosen for the new parsonage was Emmit Gardens on Second Avenue and the cost was $18,600.00.

In August of 1967 the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches merged. Tom's Creek Methodist became Tom's Creek United Methodist. The first full-time minister to serve after the merger was a former EUB, Rev. Walter Bowers.

In July 1979, the first woman pastor was appointed to the church. Her name was Elsie Mae McKenney.

The church continued to grow so a new multi-purpose room was voted to be constructed and attached to the budding. Michael Hill drew-up the plans, Joseph Wivell, Jr. was hired as contractor and Mr. & Mrs. Eric Glass (adjacent land owners) cooperated in searching the deed and correcting property lines. It was completed in the fall of 1982 at a total cost of $70,500.00.

1984 The United Methodist Churches in the United States celebrated the bicentennial of Methodism.

In November of 1994 Tom's Creek decided to become a station church. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Beale, members of the church, very generously donated a building lot for a new parsonage on Tom's Creek Church Road within walking distance of the church. Rev. James Farmer who came to the church in 1983 was the first pastor serving the station church. The pastor moved into the new home in June 1986.

In 1986, Anita Hill was elected as the first woman chairperson of the church board.

Settlement on the Emmit Garden parsonage was $65,000.00 and was divided evenly between Trinity United Methodist and Tom's Creek United Methodist Churches. (The foregoing material was taken from the writings of Pauline Watkins)

In October of 1986 a program for the elderly in the community was started and it continues to function. This group is called "Oldies & Goodies."

The dedication and mortgage burning for the new parsonage was held on May 15,1988 with the District Superintendent Dr. Warren Ebbinger and his wife present. Two morning worship services were also started that year.

In 1990 a badly worn church organ was replaced with a new one from Shockeys in Hagerstown at a cost of $9,985.00. Virginia Wantz has been the church's faithful organist for many years. An oil painting of the church by Mrs. Mary Krom was given to the church by Pauline Watkins.

A John's Howes Fund was set-up to assist young seminarians and Tom's Creek donated $200.00.

Forty-three acres of uncleared land was bought by the church in 1991. The land is located on a site opposite the Tom's Creek Church Road along Rt. 140. The purchase price was $80,000.00. Church members were responsible for most of the financing. It now houses a pavilion and several events are held there each year. AD of us envision a new church on this beautiful property in the future.

At the May Board meeting the name Elza Hurst was submitted as a possible assistant to the pastor. On July 5,1992, Rev. Hurst joined Rev. Farmer in the pulpit.

1997 marked the 200th anniversary of the church. A whole year's worth of celebration was planned by a committee comprised of Pastor Donnie Cardwell, Pat Hood, Dorothy Valentine, Anita Hill and Linda Fogle.

Each Sunday during the year, the children of the church put money into a wishing well. The money was used to, purchase two handmade pottery chalices and plates. The UMW made a celebration banner. Other large banners were placed inside and outside the church and on the new church property along route 140. We celebrated our birthday twice with beautifully decorated bicentennial cakes. One Sunday was marked as Heritage Sunday and period costumes were worn. The Apostle Peter (a.k.a. Ken Steward) made an appearance for Christian Education Sunday. Sunday, September 2nd., was chosen as a special commemorative day. A full day of celebration activities commenced with over 200 in attendance. With a Spirit of praise in the air the congregation worshiped, fellowshipped, supped and sang together. The directory you hold in your hands is another means of commemorating Tom's Creek's Two hundredth year.

Thanks be to God for the wonderful works He has wrought here. Thanks be to Jesus for the hope He offers and the help He gives for even greater tomorrows.

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