Member Churches

Emmanuel United Church of Christ - Pastor Gerald Fuss
2930 Old Taneytown Road. 410-751-1237 -

Grace United Church of Christ Pastor Steven Ostendorf-Snell, 49 W. Baltimore Street, Taneytown, MD 21787, 410-756-2302. E-mail

In 1747, Michael Schlatter came to Taneytown as a traveling minister for the Synod of the Reformed Church in Holland to gather people into congregations and find pastors for them. Between 1756 and 1760, Rev. Steiner from Switzerland traveled from Frederick to conduct services in German under the auspices of the Reformed Church even before Taneytown existed. People often traveled twenty miles or more, packing guns to protect themselves from wild beasts and Indians. The area, known as 'Pipe Creek,' became Taneytown in 1762.

Messiah United Methodist Church, Worship - Pastor Arthur Thomas, Jr.
20 Middle Street.  410-756-6092

Messiah United Methodist Church is a continuation of the former Mount Pleasant United Brethren in Christ Church, which stood at the site of the present-day Mount Pleasant Cemetery, located on Route 832 (Old Taneytown Road), outside Taneytown. Learn more about Messiah United Methodist Church

Piney Creek Church of the Brethren - Pastor Stan Diehl
Teeter and Ruggles Road, Taneytown, MD 21787
410-756-2820 -

Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church - Father Martin Feild
44 Frederick Street.  510-756-2500

Taneytown Baptist Church - Gary Buchman, Pastor
4150 Sells Mill Road - 410-756-4444

Taneytown Presbyterian Church - Jeff Colarossi, - Supply Pastor -443-463-1288.
32 York Street.  410-756-2233 Learn more about Taneytown Presbyterian Church

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church - Pastor Brie
38 W. Baltimore St.  410-751-1203

For more than two hundred fifty years the congregation now named Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Taneytown, Maryland, has been a family of God with its members sharing a common faith centered in the Word and Sacrament. It is a generally accepted fact that Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Taneytown, is the oldest Lutheran congregation in Carroll County, although the actual date of its founding is difficult to establish. It does pre-date the Revolution; that much is rather certain.