The Caring and Sharing Ministries (CSM) was formed in 1983, the successor organization to the Taneytown area Ministerium. Having begun to take on a number of ecumenical and community functions, clergy at the time felt that it would be helpful to operate as an ecumenical council with lay representation as well as clergy from the participating churches. An initial meeting of CSM as an ecumenical council was held on September 11, 1983. The purposes stated are still valid and expressive of the current organization:

"Representing different traditions, accepting the Lordship of Christ, recognizing that we are servants of one Master, we come together to develop and conduct cooperative ventures, programs, and ministries to meet the needs of our church and community and to celebrate our common life in Christ."

Incorporated in 2000 in order to be in position to better ser the community, CSM is made up of clergy and two lay representatives from each participating church. Current members are:

  • Emmanuel (Baust) UCC
  • Emmanuel (Baust) Lutheran
  • Grace UCC
  • Trinity Evangelical Lutheran
  • St. Joseph's Roman Catholic
  • Taneytown Presbyterian
  • Messiah United Methodist
  • Taneytown Baptist
  • Piney Creek Church of the Brethren
  • Northwest Community Church of the Nazarene.

CSM sponsors periodic ecumenical worship events which include Thanksgiving Eve, and Good Friday. A Community Vacation Bible School has been sponsored by CSM for many years. It usually is held at Trinity Lutheran Church in order to accommodate the 120-200 children, youth, and helpers who usually participate. CSM sponsors the weekly Carpenter's Table Community Meal which is held at St. Joseph's Catholic Church each Thursday at 11:30 a.m. CSM also helps sponsor a Human Services Program by offering space for a case worker to meet with clients each Thursday morning at St. Joseph's.

A major community service of CSM is the Community Needs Fund. This fund is a resource to provide emergency assistance for persons in the Northwest Carroll area from Frizzellburg east to the Frederick County line and north to the Pa. Line. Families have been assisted with restoration of utility services, eviction prevention, temporary housing, medicine, transportation, etc. Coordinated and screened through the Human Service Program of Carroll County, applicants may receive limited emergency support from the participating churches. Churches being contacted by individuals seeking assistance are encouraged to refer people to Human Services and the Community Needs Fund.

CSM is not the sponsor of, but provides a communication link and various forms of support for a number of programs and services including:

  • Taneytown After School Program
  • Interfaith Housing
  • Carroll County Food Sunday
  • Human Services Program
  • Partnership for a Healthier Carroll
  • Taneytown Senior Center
  • Family and Community Council

Caring and Sharing Ministries is funded by the mission support contributions of participating churches, periodic special offerings at community worship events, and some fund-raising events. Your support for the ministries of CSM, serve many important needs in our area as we seek to serve together in Christ's name.