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How to Become an Exhibitor?

The South Mountain Fair has thousands of exhibitors each year and we hope that you will enter your own projects this year!  Classes range from animals, to flowers, fruits, and vegetables, arts and crafts and needlework.  There are classes for just about every kind of craft - sewing, needlework, painting, pottery, photography and much more!

Pre-registration of Fair exhibits is available until about July 18, or on-site registration on dates and times stated in the General Rules Section or the individual departments in the Premium Book.  An exhibitor can do both pre-registration and on-site registration if necessary.  Pre-registration is not mandatory but is encouraged.  There will be a $2.00 exhibitor fee for those not pre-registering but this fee will be waived if the entries are received by July 18.

How to enter indoor exhibits (non-animal):

The general entries registration form can be printed from our Premium Book page on our web site at www.southmountainfair.com or the form can be found in our printed Premium Book.  A separate form must be used for each exhibitor.  The form itself need not be used though.  What's important is what's on the form, not the form itself.  The information may be written or typed on a plain piece of paper as long as all of the information that is requested on the form is included.  The information may also be typed into an email message and sent to smfjvi@yahoo.comAn exhibitor may send in as many different pre-registration forms as necessary prior to the deadline.

Once we receive your entries they will be entered into the computer and the entry tags will be printed and sent to you in the mail.  These entry tags should be attached to your exhibits when you bring them to the Fair.  You will not need to register with us at the Fair since you pre-registered and you will not need to pay the $2.00 registration fee.  On Sunday from 2-4 p.m., or Monday from 4-8 p.m. you may take your exhibits directly to the department where they will be judged and displayed.

Pre-registration can be done in phases if necessary.  So, if you send a registration form in May and then in July you decide that you want to enter something else you just need to send or email another registration form for the new exhibits.

If you decide not to pre-register or if you missed the deadline, you can still register your exhibits on-site on Sunday and Monday before the start of the Fair.  Refer to the General Rules Section or to the individual departments for exhibit registration and entry dates and times.

The dates, times and rules may vary in the different departments so please take a few minutes to look over the general rules and those for the department that you will be entering to make sure that your exhibits are properly prepared for display.

By entering exhibits in the Fair you consent to having pictures taken of the exhibits and used for advertising purposes on the Fair web site and in other advertising venues.

Taking your exhibits home:

All indoor exhibits must be picked up on Sunday after the Fair from 2-4 p.m.  No exhibits may be removed on Saturday at the close of the Fair.  No ribbons will be mailed and any unclaimed ribbons will be recycled next year.  If you would like to recycle your ribbons you may give them to the department chairperson or a Fair representative.  Premium checks should also be available to be picked up at this time. Any premium checks not taken during the exhibit pickup will be mailed by October 31.  Any exhibit not picked up on Sunday will be available in the Fair office on the second Monday of September from 6:30-8:00 p.m.  Any exhibits not taken at this time will be discarded.

Registering animals:

To register animals check the department on the Premium Book web page for the rules and entry forms.  There are different forms for each specie.  All animals must remain on display until 10 p.m. on Saturday, the last day of the Fair.  Any animals removed before 10 p.m. on Saturday will have all premiums forfeited.



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