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Using her knowledge of garden history, philosophy and culture, Audrey Hillman designs landscapes that are both original and enduring. Audrey brings to her imaginative designs the practical experience gained in her own gardens and is pleased to create landscapes that suit both the desires of her clients and the constraints of the site. Several of her writings on landscape and garden have recently been re-published in Cabin Life Magazine.

Early apartment life put a natural limit on the amount of gardening Audrey  could do. Nevertheless, a six-by-four-foot plot of ground outside her office soon became her garden away from home. While it wasn’t much, it was all she had and as such, she treated each and every plant as if it was worth its weight in gold.

After marrying, she and her husband, Michael moved to a small dilapidated tenant farm outside of Frederick, MD. While the farm wasn’t much to look at, it held promise for a gardener that had been held hostage for much too long.  Over the next few years she added flowers of all shapes and sizes around the house and its numerous tenant buildings. But it seemed that for every plant or flower she put into the ground, one came out.

Frustrated with her inability to achieve her goals, she turned to the local Master Gardener Program for help and soon was enrolled in their training program. After competing the Master Gardener qualification course, Audrey enrolled at Longwood Gardens to pursue two Certificates of Merit in Ornamental Horticulture. Upon receiving those certificates, Audrey decided to combine her passion for design and horticulture into a second career as Garden and Landscape Designer.  In January of 2003 she completed her studies at the New York Botanical Gardens where she earned a Certificate in Landscape Design.

Turning her gardens into her personal horticulture laboratory, she has applied her new found knowledge much to the pleasure of neighbors and passersby.  Audrey’s greatest delights lie in problem-solving and in helping her client discover the 'genius loci' or special spirit of place in each garden, and combine that with their own personal vision of the ideal garden. Where the client has few preconceptions she has a wealth of ideas for both contemporary and traditional designs.

To her personal vision and distinctive style Audrey brings a wide and specialized knowledge of 'what plant where' and of climatic and soil variations, allowing her to create gardens which are very much at home in their location.

As a gardener and designer she is keenly aware of the many environmental issues affecting all of us.  Her gardens reflect the need many of us have to make a difference environmentally by using native plants when possible, designing for water conservation, enhancing natural sources of food and shelter for wildlife. Audrey is an advocate of building healthy soils, Integrated Pest Management, and using organic solutions when problems occur.

Audrey's  Professional Affiliations include:

  • Adams County Pennsylvania Master Gardener
  • Association of Professional Landscape Designers
  • Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve
  • Irvine Nature Society
  • Maryland Native Plant Society
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The American Horticulture Society
  • The Chesapeake Bay Foundation 
  • Wild Ones