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Truly satisfying gardens - like all living things - have a life cycle that progresses from youth to maturity. Looking at a well-established garden, we cannot usually see the failures, the trials and errors, that preceded the success.

Every plant, be it tree, shrub, or perennial have their likes and dislikes. Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of ornamental horticulture, native plants, as well as our our lessons learned from trial and error, we値l help you identify those plants that will thrive in your particular environment - be it sunny or shady, sheltered or open to the harsh wind, fertile soil or rock hard clay,  moist or dry.

But suitability for your given environment is only one of the criteria that goes into selecting plants for your garden. Your gardens should be a reflection of you and your likes. If your gardening passion is driven by birds and butterflies, we can help you pick plants that will attract them. If your passion is driven by colors, we can help your select plants that will give your garden color throughout the year. If your gardening passion is driven by fragrance, we値l help you create a garden as sweet to your nose as it is to your eye.

We値l identify plants that will complement each other, and design a layout that will allow every plant to be seen, smelled and admired. Our services don稚 end with the plant selections however.  We値l tell your how to ready the soil, and give you tips on caring for your new charges over the long haul.  In doing so, we値l help your garden make the transition from youth to maturity as quickly as possible.

While we池e passionate gardeners, we realize that not everyone who wants a garden, has the time to dedicate to it. With the right choice of plants, we can create a low maintenance garden that will have your friends and neighbors green with envy!

We believe that successful design is the result of a close partnership between the client and the designer. To achieve this, we ensure that you are part of the creative process at every stage of the design. 

Whatever your requirements, large or small, conservative or completely off-the-wall, we would be happy to assist you in achieving your dream garden.