Incarnation Enjoys Family Picnic

Monday evening, August 9th, members and friends of Incarnation gathered at Kumps Dam on Harney Road to enjoy a family picnic. Mike Piatak was an early arrival to start grilling the chicken on the barbecue grill. Of course, there were the traditional hot dogs and everyone brought a picnic dish, so no one left hungry. After food and conversation, the kids were given hula hoops and learned a new skill. Janet Springer and Pat Holahan directed a games of Bingo which ended with a grand prize of a Longaberger Hope basket won by filling your card. Victoria Farmer-Long was the lucky winner of that prize. Dusk arrived and everyone went home, full, tired and happy.

Mike Piatak hopes everyone likes his chicken barbecue


Chip Corl and Ed Seitz passing judgment


We were delighted that former pastor Ted Haas and Noreen joined us


Yes, the chicken was delicious!


Louese Piatak, Alex Wright & Morgan Glass attempt to make that hoop go round


The oldtimers show them how to do it!

Ann Piatak

Rev. Moyer

Brian Glass


Pat Holahan 


Bingo rounds out the picnic evening