Help Fight Drugs In Our Community

Commissioner Ted Brennan

When I first heard of the presence of heroin in our community, I was stunned. As a Congressional staffer, I have been witness to the horrible effects that heroin has on individuals, communities and whole nations. The drug is no doubt a killer, and it will continue to kill and destroy people until we do something about it. The problems of other places had followed me home.

I firmly believe that problems cannot be solved unless people endeavor to solve them. If we choose to ignore even the smallest problem, it wonít go away. History tells us that it will only get bigger. If we allow a small heroin problem to fester and grow, it will one day take over and destroy our kids, our families and eventually our community. If you donít believe me, take a ride through parts of Baltimore and other cities. Emmitsburg is not immune.

When I approached the Frederick News Post to investigate the heroin problem in Emmitsburg and throughout the county, I held out hope that I was on the wrong track and that the arrests of the past several months were isolated events. They were not. As the article stated, the problem exists and I wish to solve it. But we will need the help of treatment and rehab programs.

 While I understand that heroin is a problem in other places too, my children, and yours live here. This is a huge undertaking, one at which I cannot go alone. Although I have received some support, I have not seen the groundswell I expected. I again urge my neighbors to join me in an effort to keep our kids away from drugs.

Emmitsburg is a precious community which I expect to call home until I depart this life. At no time will I ever willfully impugn its reputation or the reputation of its citizens. However, when a problem arises, I will work tirelessly to identify it, bring it to the people and help solve it.

Ted Brennan
Emmitsburg, Maryland

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