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Korean War Honor Roll

Historical Society Note: We are trying to identify all current and past individuals who served during the Korean War and called Emmitsburg home. If you know anyone, please send us a their name and any information you have on their service. If possible, we would appreciate a short biography and photo of them. Please send all information to to us at history@emmitsburg.net

If you knew any of these individuals, especially any who we do not currently
have any information on, and would like to see them remembered
 in the next History of Emmitsburg, Please send us any stories or
anecdotes about them to us at: history@emmitsburg.net

American Legion Drill Team
(For larger version of photo - click on photo)

1st Row: T. Eugene "Bee" Rodgers; Joseph D. Geiselman; Wm. "Bill" Rodgers;
 Louis "Louie" Rosensteel; Maurice Koontz
2nd Row: Robert L. Myers; John "Everett" Chrismer; Alan Davis; Leo Topper;
3rd Row: Carroll "Chick" Topper; William "Bill" Annan; Charlie Harner*; Henry Timmerman
4th Row: Thomas C. "Tip" Harbaugh; Richard "Dick" Yoemans; John F. "Jack" Rosensteel;
 Joseph E. "Joe" Rodgers
5th Row: George Danner; Paul Eyler
Top Row: Vincent Topper; Edgar Wastler; Andrew "Bud" Shorb

*This isn't the Charles Harner on the Honor Roll; that is Dick Harner on the Honor roll

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