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December 2003 Newsletter of the
Save Our Liberty Committee

Working together for responsible development

Public Meetings of Interest to All

Monday, Nov. 24, 6:30 p.m.

Public hearing on "Liberty Valley," the 2nd PRD submitted by the Wormald Companies

Fairfield Fire Hall (Rt. 16 to Rt. 116/Main St. Fairfield, then turn right onto McGinley and take first left onto Steelman Street. Hall will be on right.)


Initial PRD proposal for 1,140 homes in southern Adams Co., Pa., was withdrawn by the developer.

A second proposal was submitted for a PRD on the Tract Rd. portion of land owned by the developer. It has more homes on only two-thirds of the area in the original proposal. In addition, a subdivision for more than 100 homes has been submitted for the Pecher Rd. portion of the land owned by the developer. Hearings on the second PRD will begin on Nov. 24.

Both the 2nd PRD and subdivision proposals need to go through the same process of review by the township engineer , Adams County Planning Office and Township Planning Commission. At the Nov. 5 Township Supervisors meeting, citizens requested more time before public hearings begin, but the developer did not grant that request.

A citizen submitted a proposal to delete PRDs from the current zoning ordinances. The supervisors accepted this proposal and referred it to the Planning Commission. At the October Planning Commission meeting the proposal was recommended for approval and sent to the supervisors for action. It needs to go through the same process as any amendment to the Zoning Ordinance (forwarding to Adams County Planning for review and then a public hearing). The hearing is set for Jan. 5 at 7 p.m. at the township offices, 39 Topper Rd.

Proposed new Zoning Ordinance forwarded to the supervisors was found to have a number of editorial errors and was requested be returned to the Planning Commission for revision. Township solicitor Walton Davis stated that the hearing scheduled for October 21st on the new Zoning Ordinance could not be held as there was no formal review by the Adams County Planning Office. The Planning Commission hopes to forward the corrected document to the county office in November.

How to Support the Community You Love? Pledge Continued Financial Support

Our efforts cannot continue without further donations (see Treasurer's Report). In addition to support from Liberty Township, we need the support of bordering communities who care about the future of this region. We are facing a possible development between Fairfield and Emmitsburg that would triple the population of Liberty Township. SOL is working on behalf of area citizens to ensure township supervisors have the facts they need to consider and address the impacts of such a development on the environment, traffic and quality of life.

The money you donate or pledge to Save Our Liberty's efforts today is a small price to pay for efforts to avoid damage from stormwater runoff, out-of-control traffic situations on Rt. 16/Rt. 140 and other possibilities that could result if potential negative impacts are not addressed. If you are a resident of the Fairfield Area School district, your donation is also a fraction of the tax money it may cost you to live here if a development of 1,000+ houses becomes a reality. What are your property taxes today? Taxes for Fairfield Area Schools taxpayers are projected to increase 37%; what yearly increase in taxes will this mean to you?? Could you pledge 10 to 20% of that amount?

Can you donate to SOL's legal fund? Can you make a monthly pledge? Contact information is at the top of this newsletter.

The good news: While the process of

protecting our quality of life seems slow and frustrating, we've made great strides together (see article below). Thank you to all who have made these efforts possible!

More good news: The resources spent so far will bring returns far down the line. For instance, information our legal counsel and expert witnesses planned to bring forth in hearings on the Community of Liberty can revised for use at hearings on Liberty Valley.

Look What We've Accomplished Together

In only three months Save Our Liberty has built up support from more than 250 families and received total donations of $33,386 from more than 150 donors. This achievement is outstanding! We do care about each other, and our community, and are prepared to work hard to protect the special quality of life we enjoy.

From these generous contributions, we have paid the fees of our legal counsel, and retainers for a hydrogeologist and traffic engineer. These experts have researched and prepared testimony for presentation at the public hearings when they resume. Susan Smith, our attorney, is prepared for the hearing on the second plan and has already led the developer to withdraw the initial plan. Without Save Our Liberty-without you-the Wormald Companies' plans would continue with only their profit in mind. SOL has not yet had its chance to present testimony or cross examine more than one witness but WE ARE PREPARED TO DO SO! Additionally, this research and preparation can be used during further hearings so we shouldn't need to spend as much money on research in the future.

SOL requests you donate funds so our experts can continue. We need to raise at least double what has been donated so far to oppose the even denser alternate plans submitted by the Wormald Companies. Yes, a great deal of money-but worth it to protect the home we love!

Treasurer's Report

From the $33,386 contributed to date we have paid the fees of our legal counsel, and retained a hydrogeologist and traffic engineer.

Save Our Liberty Receipts and Payments Account

through October 21, 2003:


  • Donations and Membership $32,397
  • Donated Expenses 986
  • Interest 3

Total Income $33,386


  • Legal and Other Fees $29,272
  • Other Expenses Donated $ 986
  • Total Expenditures $30,258

Balance $3,128


  1. The above accounts reflect billings through September 30.
  2. October invoices will be payable in late November.
  3. Donated Expenses represent expenses paid by members as donations to SOL (printing, postage, etc.).
  4. The balance of $3,128 shown above includes $2,500 that is payable to a planning consultant, leaving $628 in SOL's bank account.

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