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August Newsletter of the
Save Our Liberty Committee

Working together for responsible development

In mid-July, the Wormald Company of Frederick, Md., presented a tentative plan to build The Community of Liberty on approximately 700 acres between Pecher and Tract Roads, on Topper and Crum Roads, and on either side of Wenschhof Road. The plan includes 1,140 townhouses and single-family houses as well as a Village Center with a town hall, post office, bank and stores. The developer has proposed that it will be completed in phases over approximately 15 years.

At the Liberty Township Supervisors meeting on August 5, a public hearing date was set for Monday, Sept. 8 at 7:30 p.m. Within 60 days after the hearing, the supervisors must decide whether to accept the plan, reject it or accept it with changes.

Right now, before the hearing, is when the supervisors must gather all the data they can to determine whether the proposed plan fully addresses the development's impact on our region's cost of living, traffic, roads, water supply, sewage, stormwater runoff, schools, fire services, police services, medical response services, environment, rural character and quality of life. Our supervisors need to know: - What kind of roads, traffic lights, bridges and other improvements will need to be built, and how will we pay for these? - Will Fairfield Area Schools need to build new classrooms/buildings, and if so, how will we pay for these? - How many additional fire, police and rescue personnel will be needed, and how will we pay for these? - How will the development affect the groundwater supply, and how can we measure this impact at certain stages in the development? - Have the developers followed environmental regulations in their plans to manage water runoff and sewage? - Are there development options that would better fit county planning guidelines that call for growth that respects the rural and agricultural nature of the region?

How Can You Help?

  1. Contribute funds to hire an independent attorney to review the plan on behalf of area citizens. Send checks to: Save Our Liberty, P.O. Box 605, Emmitsburg, Md. 21727. You may also email a pledge noting that your contribution is in the mail: Attorney's fees range from $200-$400/hour, so a donation of $100-$200 each is suggested. Of course, any amount is welcome. All funds will be accounted for, and excess funds will be returned on a percentage basis.
  2. Forward to Save Our Liberty any factual information that you think might help as committees look into specific issues. Use the address above or email
  3. Let your neighbors know what's going on-forward this flyer to as many people as you can. For more copies, email or call 717-642-5156. 4. Volunteer to serve on Save Our Liberty committees that are reviewing the plan in detail.

What Is Save Our Liberty?

Save Our Liberty is a grassroots citizens group formed to assist our supervisors in reviewing the Wormald Company's proposal. For more information, to volunteer or to be kept informed, call 717-642-5156 or email

Will This Development Raise My Taxes? It depends on who pays for new roads, schools and other infrastructure requirements-not just in The Community of Liberty itself, but in the surrounding region. A few considerations: - The Fairfield school district is at capacity-more new students means that more classroom space will need to be found. The current buildings and grounds are at capacity, so new land may need to be purchased and a new school built. - New roads cost money-and it costs money to maintain roads, community green spaces and park areas. - Just over the line in Maryland, the state charges a developer an impact fee to cover schools, roads and infrastructure requirements. If The Community of Liberty were planned for Frederick County, Md., this impact fee would be $8 million. Pennsylvania does not charge this fee-but if Wormald does not pay for roads and services, who will?

Additional Facts The civil engineer for Liberty Township, William Hill, as well as the township and county planning commissions are also reviewing the plan. They can provide advice, but the final decision rests solely with the township supervisors.

The Community of Liberty is classified as a "planned residential development," which is covered in a separate article in the current township zoning ordinance. New zoning ordinances have been reviewed and presented at public hearings but not yet adopted by the township supervisors; these ordinances would not permit this development at this location. State legislation is pending that would allow supervisors to halt a development in a case such as this, where zoning ordinances are under review, but right now, The Community of Liberty falls under the current zoning ordinances.

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