Our Vision

To be the visible and active presence of Jesus Christ in the world..

Our Mission

  • Connect with God through worship, prayer, study, fellowship, and service to others
  • Empower people to grow in their faith
  • Equip people to live out their faith in community

Annual Goals for 2006 ~ 2010

  • Receive 3-5 people into membership by profession of faith
  • Grow average worship attendance 5%
  • Engage in relevant ministry to address needs of community, creating entry points to the Christian faith and to the church
  • Activate 90% of the worshipping congregation in ministry beyond worship
  • Support 100% connectional giving
  • Tithe annual giving to mission and outreach ministries above connectional giving
  • Demonstrate signs of God's power and wonder (i.e. ministry results that are clearly God's movement through the congregation)
  • Retain 50% of community visitors as regular worshipers / members
  • Routinely contact members who have been absent from worship for over one month

Achieving the goal is nothing, the journey is all!