“Images from the Porch”

(Remembering the meaning of Earth Day) 

The world around us moves at such a rapid pace,
often we find it hard to escape the race. 

We live hear on this place called planet earth,
but fail to really see the place of our birth. 

God your creation is so wonderful to see,
why don’t we stop, look, and just be. 

The colorful shrubs with blooms bright and true,
live with the flowers of the ground given by you. 

They willing share space, food and water,
regardless of status, lot in life, or color. 

As the morning dawns creation reaches for the sun,
seeking the warmth and comfort from the Holy one. 

The trees stand so majestic facing the sky
turning up their leaves to receive blessings from on high. 

The forsythia grows wild and free,
reaching out to praise you in the gentle blowing breeze. 

O God how foolish we can be,
to ignore this creation given by thee. 

Lord slow us down and help us to know,
how these images from the porch can help us grow. 

- Wade A. Martin  (4/2002) 

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