Town of Emmitsburg
300A S. Seton Ave Emmitsburg, Maryland


Emmitsburg Town Office  

Present:  Mayor Donald Briggs; Commissioners Clifford Sweeney, Joseph Ritz III, Jennifer Mellor, Glenn Blanchard and Tim O’Donnell, President.
Staff present were Cathy Willets, Town Clerk; Sue Cipperly, Town Planner; and Dave Haller, Town Manager.

       Call to Order
Commissioner Tim O’Donnell, President of the Board of Commissioners, called the 08/03/15 Town Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of Minutes
The Minutes of the 07/20/2015 Town Meeting were approved as presented/corrected.  Motion by Commissioner Ritz III and second by Commissioner Mellor.  Changes: remove Commissioner Ritz III as attending and please add Commissioner O'Donnell's exhibit to the minutes.  Passed 5-0.  

Commissioner Comments
Commissioner(s) cited attendances, recognitions and announcements. Commissioner Ritz CAC meeting on July 21st.   The committee elected Mark Walker as vice-chair, and Amy Myles as secretary.  Discussions on sister city; different businesses in Town such as specialty shops that relate to: Ski Liberty, Baseball, Main St., etc.  More activities for community - movies, bingo, chili cook-off, etc.  Commissioner Blanchard very pleased with current pool company, good lifeguards, clean pool, etc.  Commissioner O'Donnell future meeting will bring back Scott Road Farm for camping.  Thank you to staff for making available weed whackers for trail work.  Thank you to the Mayor for efforts on Main St.  400 riders road through town during the Firefighter 50 Century ride and the staff's attention to the sign welcoming the riders.

Mayor’s Comments
Met with Board of engineers at SHA and got updates on the sidewalk on S. Seton Ave - should be starting soon as well as the area of Emmit Garden and Brookfield into Warthens Way.  Timetables on the square - start late 2016.  The bridge will be 2016.  Solid Waste Steering Committee meeting with County Executive Gardner - push for recycling.  TAPS (transportation alternative program) financing for over $128,000 for our MSM to Town multi-use pathway.  The County is online for $140,000 and sometime soon the Town will have to make a commitment.  Staff received a conservator's assessment report on the doughboy.  Mayor reviewed the timeline after the crash and the details of the town's efforts to repair of the pedestal and statue.  The crash, which damaged the statue and pedestal, occurred on June 17th at 11pm.  The Town received the police report on June 19th.  Within, five business days, staff contacted two local memorial companies to get repair estimates.  After five business days, staff did not get a response from either company.  Mayor Birggs then contacted another company who did visit the site and advised they would give an estimate.  Staff was then contacted by a representative from the Maryland Historical Trust offering assistance with the repair of the pedestal and possible restoration of the staute.  The representative met with Mayor and staff the next day.  The representative and the Mayor visit the site.  She advises the doughboy is part of the Federal Historic Emmitsburg District and there are protocols to be followed before for repair work.  She gave staff names of three “conservators” that are approved by the state the same day of the visit.  Also, she made recommendations as to how to stabilize the statue until repairs commenced, which was followed.  Staff reached out to the three conservators the same day, providing them with photographs and scope of work for repair of limestone pedestal, place/secure doughboy on repaired pedestal, and condition assessment on copper doughboy and bronze tablet.  Within, five business days, one conservator advised the Town he was interested in submitting a condition assessment and treatment proposal for sculpture.  The Town spent $1,500 and retained the conservator.  The conservator visits site.   We received the final assessment and the Town will be putting out a RFP to bid.  There will be a discussion at the town meeting September 8, 2015.  Thank the Emmitsburg All-Stars - represented the Town very well in the playoffs in Waynesboro.  There will be a ribbon cutting for the WWTP and Solar field on September 25, 2015.  Both projects together totals almost 20 million dollars worth of work.  We are coming in at only 1.5% over budget at the new WWTP.  The Town election is September 29, 2015.  The Town Clerk is in process of developing a new website.

Public Comments - none  

Administrative Business - At the request of Commissioner Blanchard, he is hoping you will join him in his appreciation of Deputy Patterson's service to the Town.   Exhibit B attached.  Thanked her for service at Community Day, pool parties, and back to school night  as well as her continued presence in town on bike and cruiser.  He requested all Commissioners to sign the letter.  Consensus of all to commend the deputy on her efforts - all Commissioners will sign letter.  

Commissioner O'Donnell - Commissioner O'Donnell would like the trash and weeds cleaned up for the parents of MSM students.  The Main St. clean-up will be done for Fallen Firefighters weekend.

 Consent Agenda - no items.


Treasurer's Report -  Commissioner Blanchard reports on the cash activity as of July 29, 2015.

 Planning Commission Report -  Commissioner Sweeney deferred to Sue Cipperly who advised the public hearing was held for the Comp Plan Update on July 27th.  Commissioner Sweeney provided a summary - did not have the Comp Plan back from the State as of the public hearing.  Addressed the issues the Commissioners had for the pedestrian overlays as well as passed the B1 zoning on East Main St.  It will be added to Comp Plan when it comes back from State.

 II.       Agenda Items  

Delegate Kathy Afzali
Has heard great things about the Town - solar and the trail program.  Had their best year ever - eleven pieces of legislation passed.  Please keep Governor Hogan and family in your prayers for his speedy of recovery.  Town Ethics rules is one piece of legislation she is working on.  Been honored to represent the town for the last five years and be a part of the community.  Please call anytime.  Love being invited to events going on in Town.  Mayor Briggs spoke to Delegate Afzali about her availability and how quickly she responds.  Commissioner Blanchard thanked her for assistance in passing Anaya's Law (foster care).    Commissioner Sweeney asked for Del. Afzali’s assistance fighting for more head start programs.  She requested a meeting to discuss other options for the children and pre-K.  Commissioner O'Donnell spoke on the money and efforts the Town made to make it more sustainable and livable.  The Town would like to see some economic development in our community.  He would like to see Del. Afzali to assist in promoting our Town as a viable and vital community. Del. Afzali asked about the Town’s streetscape.  Commissioner O'Donnell spoke on behalf of Mayor and Board to wish Governor Hogan and his family well in his battle against non-hodgkins lymphoma.    Discussion of the Town’s street program.  Mr. Haller advised Del. Afzali that the funding is going through the State not the County and the plans are about 80% complete.  He suggested a meeting between himself, the Mayor, and Del. Afzali to discuss moving forward on the Town’s street program.                                                

Approve Election judges for September 29, 2015 town election

The following residents have expressed interest in being election judges for the 2015 town election:  Sharon Hane, 3145 Stonehurst Ct.; Charlotte Mazaleski, 2035 Brookfield Ct.; and Barbara Weedon, 15 First Ave.                                                                                                                                       

Motion: - To  accept Sharon Hane, Charlotte Mazaleski and Barbara Weedon as election judges for the September 29, 2015 town election. Motion by Commissioner Ritz III and second by Commissioner Mellor.    

                                      Vote: 5-0 in favor  

Presentation of Community Legacy Projects

Ms. Sue Cipperly presented a power point of the progress report for the Community Legacy Program.  She reviewed eligible applicants, the purpose of program, the structure of program, the application flow, the financial flow, etc.  FY 2013 $50,000 grant, FY 2014 $50,000 and FY 2015 $50,000.  Just applied for more money in FY 2016.  Ms. Cipperly showed pictures of work that has already been completed.  Exhibit attached.  Mayor Briggs mentioned that the Town is going to do a "face-lift" on 140 S. Seton Ave.                                                                                                                                                  

Update on Comprehensive Plan

Ms. Sue Cipperly reviewed the public hearing.  Some discussion on wording and questions on a practical stand-point.  Several people attended the hearing to speak in favor of the proposed zoning change on Main St.  Change some wording in the infrastructure particularly in Northgate.  Comments are back from the State.  She will continue to review and bring to the special Planning Commission meeting. 


  Agenda items for 09/08/15 Town Meeting

  1. Discussion of the condition assessment of the Doughboy 
  2. Update on status of Comprehensive Plan


IV        Adjournment

          With no further business, the 08/03/15 Town Meeting was adjourned at 9:13  p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Willets, Town Clerk

Approved: September 8, 2015