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Health and learning go hand in hand

Jennifer Barchers, RN

The Comprehensive School Health Programís mission is to prevent and identify student health related problems, and to intervene to modify or remediate these problems. The program delivers health services and health education that directly contributes to the studentís education as well as the health of the family and community.

The purpose of the Comprehensive School Health Program is to promote healthy lifestyles, prevent injuries and illnesses, assist students that have health needs, and to educate students/staff/community regarding health needs.

The Frederick County Comprehensive School Health Program (FCCSHP) is comprised of personnel who work as part of a multidisciplinary team to promote a safe environment and to enhance the studentís physical, psychological, and social well being. This team consists of: School Health Supervisor, School Community Health Nurses, Health /room Technicians, Hearing and Vision Technicians, and Secretarial Support.

School Community Health Nurses (SCHN) are Registered nurses. They supervise and evaluate the Health Room Technician (HRT).They delegate duties to the HRT and monitor Health Room activity. The SCHN performs health assessments and classroom observations, assesses long term illnesses, makes home visits, coordinates screenings, attends ARDís and School Teamings, develops and writes the health component of the IEP, writes Health Care Plans, provides health counseling, coordinates and monitors compliance with state immunization laws, monitors communicable diseases, acts as a resource for staff and community, and makes referrals to agencies as appropriate.

The HRT functions under the direction and license of the SCHN. They provide first aid and routine care for students with chronic illnesses, perform treatments and administer medications after approval by the SCHN, review health records, refer health concerns and Issues regarding injury/disease/illness, to the SCMN, assist with the monitoring of communicable diseases, and assist the SCHN with  vision/hearing/scollosia/blood pressure/height/weight screenings.

The FCCSHP is funded by the Frederick County Commissioners and is managed by the Frederick County Health Department (FCHD) The information number for the FCHD is 301-631-3301.

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