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Mount Sports

Summer Update

Megan Kinsella
MSM Class of 2013

(8/2011) Well, Emmitsburg, here we are. August. The third month of summer vacation. Soon weíll be packing up our cars, waving goodbye to our parents, and heading back to the Mountó home away from home. For the most part, college students are able to relax during the summertime. A lot of us work at part time jobs, and others spend the summer months at the beach, vacationing with family, or on service trips across the country. For three months, we are free from note taking, midterm and final exams, ten page term papers, and 8:00 classes. To be honest, one of the hardest things that I have had to deal with this summer was cleaning up spilled paint at the day camp where I work. Oh, that and the constant, inescapable chorus of "Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan, MeganÖ" that pursues me everywhere I go from 9:00 until noon every weekday. Can you not see Iím talking to someone else?? Or maybe Iím ignoring you for a reason! I donít think Iím fit for motherhood (yet). Anyway, I digress.

Most college students have it pretty easy during the summertime, right? There is, however, an exception. Hidden within the walls of Mount St. Maryís University, there is a fighting force of approximately 400 courageous men and women, who are constantly honing their minds and bodies and testing their limits in order to protect titles and bring glory to their school. Who are these valiant souls I speak of? Yes indeed, I am referring to the Mountís Student-Athlete population. Even when the last exam is handed in on May 12th, the Mountís Student Athletes are far from being finished with their work. Division One sports teams at the Mount are in action all year round, whether they are officially in season or not. This Monthís Sports article highlights a few different athletes and what they have been doing this summer to prepare for the 2011-2012 seasons.


Letís start off with the Womenís Soccer team. The lady Mountaineers have been working hard all summer in preparation for their preseason, which begins on August 20th at Rider University. TJ Burns, the Mountís strength and conditioning coach, provided the team with a strength and fitness packet, which gave them dietary guidelines, track intervals for aerobic workouts, and lifting programs for the summer months. Sadie Winship, a Senior forward said, "The girls came in so fit last year and we are expecting another good transition from summer into preseason. We are about one month away from our first game, so we are all working hard to get ready for the big day." The womenís soccer team graduated three star performers this past spring, and while they will be sorely missed, the team is excited to see what kind of talent the incoming freshman class will provide. "I'm really looking forward to just being with the girls again," said Winship. "I think we are going to have a lot of successes and records set for the Mount and it will be great to be a part of it. It's going to be a great year and I can't wait!" Be sure to check out the women during their preseasonó their first home game is on Sunday, September 4th at noon!


Now on to Womenís Basketball. Basketball teams at the Mountó menís and womenís alikeó only compete against other NEC teams during the late fall into early spring. But that doesnít mean they take it easy the rest of the year! On the womenís side, all of the returning players are doing a summer school session, which includes taking a class and working out with TJ Burns five days a week. Workouts consist of running, lifting, and other strength and aerobic exercises. So, while the rest of us enjoy the comforts of home for three months of the summer, the members of the womenís basketball team remain in Emmitsburg and work their tails off in preparation for the 2011-2012 season. Speaking of the upcoming season, Tara Lonergan, a rising Junior, commented, "We lost two key seniors and the rest of the team will have to step up to take their place. The incoming freshmen class includes four girls who will all hopefully play a big part in the teamís success." The womenís team is excited to continue working hard to build upon last year, have a winning season, and compete in the playoffs and post season.


After completing the 2011 season in early May, the Mountís Baseball team took a few weeks off in order to relax and recuperate, but the relaxation didnít last for long! If they didnít stay in Emmitsburg to work with the school trainer, most of the men went home to play for their hometown summer league teams. In addition to summer ball, the team has been hitting the weight room and running in order to stay in shape for the fall season. "The baseball team graduated twelve seniors this past year and that loss will have a huge impact on next season," explained Junior catcher Mark Quaranta. "We will need some freshmen to step up but we will also need returning players to take on a bigger role for the team. It will be interesting to see who will accept the challenge and fill those seniorsí shoes." The 2011 season was a rebuilding year for the baseball team, and it did not turn out as the players had hoped and anticipated. "I am looking forward to a fresh start," said Quaranta. "I am excited to take some time to rediscover a love for the game and then go back to school ready to go."


Another group of men and women that are ceaselessly training and striving to perfect their game is the Mountís Golf team. Starting on September 3rd, the Golf team will not conclude their season until late April of next year. As in all things, practice makes perfect, and so the Mount men and women spent the summer taking advantage of great weather to work on their swing and short game in preparation for the fall portion of the season. Rising senior Sarah Roe asserted that "it is important to be confident going into these first few tournaments and practicing a lot definitely allows for that confidence to develop." Summer golfing, along with a bit of weight training, has allowed the team to maintain their strength and conditioning during the "off" season. While two key seniors graduated from the womenís team in the spring, three great players are joining the team this fall, and they are excited for great camaraderie on and off the course. The golf team will also be welcoming a new head coach to the line-up, which Roe says is a great change that will add even more stability to the program. "Overall, this will be a great season for Mount Saint Mary's golf," she said. "I'm excited to see the progress we can make in the next year to come."


Finally, the Womenís Lacrosse team: after winning silver at the Northeast Conference tournament in May, the Mounties didnít miss a beat and continued to train for next season. A number of the women remained on campus throughout the summer in order to work on speed, nutrition, and their overall game. One such player, Sarah Jane Leder, commented on what she is most anticipating for next season: "Itís going to be a great feeling to be a senioró to be aware that itís my last year and that I have to leave it all on the field every single day, from morning lifts and runs in the fall until our last game in May!" The womenís team graduated three seniors in the spring, but have six freshmen coming in to help out. Leder said, "We as a team just need to work together and communicate to step up and fill the spots needed. With our teamís positive attitude and enthusiastic energy, I have no doubt that we will succeed in doing that."

So Emmitsburg, weíre getting ready for youÖ are you ready for us?

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