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Simply Maya

Something about my Dad

Maya Hand

(June, 2010) With Father’s Day coming up, I thought I’d write something about what a Father is and a little something about my Dad.

A father takes care of his children but still has good humor. He makes sure his children get what they need, not always what they want. Of course, every once in a while, if the children are very good maybe they’ll get something extra they want like French vanilla ice cream from the freezer for dessert. A father reminds us what’s important and helps us to stay on the good path. A good father works hard to make money for his family but still spends time with them, like playing a game with his family, watching a movie or maybe just talking.

My Dad is an awesome father, and he’s funny too. He calls each of my siblings and me by different names. My dad calls me "Sporty." I like the way he calls me "Sporty" instead of Maya. I can also tell, when he calls me that, he’s is in a playful mood. He calls my little brother, Nathaniel, "Little Man." He calls my sister "Bird." Her eyes are blue and she always seems happy. She wakes up early in the morning like a morning lark. My Mom is a morning lark too. But Daddy and I are totally different. We like sleeping in. We’re night owls. We like staying up late, but when I wake up in the morning, I don’t feel like getting up! Sometimes when I have extra homework, my Dad stays up with me and talks with me. He helps me study or helps me if I have questions.

I like the way my Dad enjoys sharing his experiences with me. I also like how he talks about social studies, history and science. I always enjoy talking with him. Those conversations are cherished memories of mine. When we are talking about things, I ask lots of questions and it leads into a whole different discussion. I remember once when my sister and I were in the car, and Daddy was talking to us about history and the government. We were driving to Mimi and Popop’s house. The drive took us a few hours, but the conversation made the ride seem to go faster. When he talks, time always goes quickly. I think it’s because I really enjoy listening.

One of the things I love most about my father is when he laughs. When he laughs I can see joy in his face. It makes me feel joyful too and makes me want to smile and laugh back. One thing that makes him laugh is when he and I have flexibility competitions sometimes after dance class or in the living room at home. Usually I win, but every once in a while, he’ll do better than me. I don’t know how! I usually win when we do splits. But when we stretch to touch our toes, he wins. And I definitely win on a backbend. He doesn’t even try that one!

What I’m about to share with you is an inspirational growth of my heart, poetry about my father and what he means to me.

What it Means to Me

Do you know what it means to me to have a father?
Someone who loves his daughter?
To have someone, besides me,
Who is stressed with paper work?
To have someone to squeeze
When they come home from work?
Someone who takes me out to see
Different sites and places
things he’s seen… not me?

He’s such an important part of my heart and mind,
So funny, helpful and kind.
He takes time
To spend with his family.
Without my father,
there would be no me.
I love him so, you see.
He always tries to do what’s best
For his family.

Do you know what it means to me to have a father?
Someone who loves his daughter?
To have someone who’s proud of me every day,
Whether I did something special, or just ok?
To have someone who loves me for who I am,
Someone who’s a hard working and loving man?
Someone I love when he laughs?
Someone who swings me around
and likes taking long naps?

So, on Father’s Day
When we wake and rise
We find all our memories of our Fathers
And celebrate them, with family, side by side.

I hope you enjoyed my poem. My dad really is a big part of my life. This is his Father’s Day gift from me. May I make a suggestion for a gift for your father? Maybe write him a nice long card that really expresses feelings from your heart. Don’t worry about buying something, just make him something sincere. Or maybe you could give your father a big hug and tell him a list of things you love about him. I know my Dad is probably reading this right now… to my dad and to all fathers, Happy Father’s Day!

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