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A Teen's View

Normal teenage girl things…

Kat Dart

(1/2010) Last month, I stated that one of my favorite traditions on Christmas was to go visit my cousins down in Ellicott City. They have always made Christmas very special, however one my favorite Christmases was when we didn't go. I had asked for a sled that year from Santa. I received said sled, and three feet of snow to go with it. We were completely snowed out - there was no way we would be visiting anyone! That day was spent sledding down the hill in out back yard. Then, when we got in, we realized we had no 'Christmas food', like meat and potatoes or anything for the traditional Christmas dinner. We had scrambled eggs and toast that night. My family has always remembered that particular Christmas as a very special memory.

On December 7th last month, my whole family went to the Emmitsburg Tree Lighting Ceremony! It was a lot of fun. When we drove down to the Community Center, we all participated in singing Christmas carols, and then headed over the library, where we all got hot dogs and hot chocolate. There were also sheep in a small pen so we could pet them. They were so cute - all four were huddled in a little circle, I suppose to keep warm.

After petting the sheep, we got on a hay ride, where we were driven all over Emmitsburg. I think I got one of the best seats, right near the middle the ride, in front of some chains so I could easily watch the scenery pass by. Many thanks go to Smokehouse Alley for handing us hot chocolate in the middle of the ride! I also managed to get a few people to sing with me when I started up a few Christmas carols, including Jingle Bells, Walking in the Air (from the movie, The Snowman), Silent Night, and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. If you heard someone singing those on December 7th while sitting on a bale of hay, I proudly admit that was me!

Throughout December, we have been decorating for Christmas, my Mom's favorite holiday of the year. Our living room proves it - there are Santas everywhere, along with bells, which our cats love.

On December 16th we got our tree, and decorated it a few days later. Our tradition is to keep the tree up as long as possible so we may continuously enjoy it. I believe last year it was up until January 10th.

So this year was our very first Christmas in Emmitsburg - and it was very enjoyable. We are all planning to go to next year's Tree Lighting Ceremony, and look around for more Christmas Craft Shows, because Mom loves going to those. One of the big York Traditions I will miss is hearing the steam whistle belt out Christmas Carols, because that was always amazing to listen to.

Today is January first and I have to go back to school soon, but Christmas vacation was amazing like always! It was nice to relax after being in the winter school play, 'Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone', where I got a part as an extra student. I also managed to drag one of my friends, Josie, into it, so it was fun working on the play together. I have to thank our director, Cody, for making it happen as wonderfully as it did, and the drama leader, Miss Stitely, for always giving out really awesome suggestions for it.

In November and December, I said I hoped I could comment on the snow fall, and I am pleased to say I can! Unfortunately, last time we had a lot of snow we didn't even get a delay from school, which was a real bummer.

Thankfully, we have gotten all of our packed boxes out of the storage sheds before the snow fell. We are steadily unpacking and finding all of our treasures. I know Mom has been hanging many pictures and Dad has been setting up his working station. The study is totally finished, and I am still working in my room. I recently found my last box, so that was exciting! We are slowly but surely getting the house painted and the furniture moved in and placed around the house. All of our book boxes came back, and there are a lot, and are all very heavy - it was painful to unload the truck, but rewarding when I found my copy of Harry Potter 7.

I am loving school, and all of my amazing friends. I also love Emmitsburg - the Antique Mall seems to get all sorts of new and interesting things every time I visit it! I can now navigate my way around Emmitsburg (so I can walk down to the Ott House on my own…) and I have been able to call a few of them so we may go hang out.

Well, it is a new year and I hope that by the end, we will officially be done with the house and be able to go through Frederick without getting lost at all. My resolution: Keep my room clean, though I highly doubt I'll stick with that… A girl can try, though! And I want to keep trying out for school plays and the spring musical. Oh, and keep my grades up. You know, all the normal teenage girl things. Feel the drama, people. Happy New Year!

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