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Herbal Reflections

Amy Brodish
Clinical Herbalist

(3/2014)  am excited to be bringing you some interesting articles on herbs and natural health, right here in the Emmitsburg Journal. I am very grateful for the fascinating journey that brought me to this point. In 2003, when faced with health challenges that conventional medicine could not address, I began studying herbs and natural health. The results on my health were so incredible that I changed my life’s path in a way I can only explain as a calling. I became fervently impassioned about increasing my knowledge in order to help other people holistically.

I earned the designation of Certified Natural Health Professional from The Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals in 2007. The following year, I graduated with honors from The American College of Healthcare Sciences as a Master Herbalist. Since that time, I have studied with nationally and internationally renowned herbalists and health care professionals. Additionally, I have held seminars for large corporate events and have recently started writing articles. I am also a member of the American Herbalists Guild, a non-profit association of Herbal Practitioners, who promote a high level of professionalism and education in the study and practice of therapeutic herbalism, best described as the medicinal use of plants.

I opened Herbal Reflections in Fairfield in 2013 with a goal of guiding others toward restoring their health and reaching extraordinary health and wellness. As a Clinical Herbalist, I hold consultations by appointment and formulate personalized herbal formulas and flower essences for clients. Goals and wellness plans are made together with each client to aspire changes and improvements within their comfort level.

The body has an innate ability to heal itself. As a natural health consultant and herbalist, I provide education and recommendations on ways to support the body while typically addressing imbalanced or weakened organs or systems, so that the body can restore its own health through the acts of each client.

Staying balanced is key, so it is important for me to make time for exercise and to be with friends and family. When not working or engrossed in natural health literature or attending seminars, I also enjoy preparing wonderful meals and getting out in nature to hike or do some gardening.

For further information please call me 717-642-5000 or visit

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