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Transform - Dear Mr. President...

Kip Hamilton

(5/2012) On Monday, March 5th the White House unexpectedly announced that the 2012 G8 Summit, the annual meeting of the world’s eight largest economies, was going to be held at Camp David instead of the President’s home town of Chicago. So, in as much as this publication is one of the closest newspapers to the site, on the off chance that one of the attendees might happen upon an issue, a rare opportunity presents itself:

Dear Mr. President,

"TRANSFORM" (from Webster’s Dictionary) "to change a thing into a different thing… implying a major change in form, nature or function."

Sir, you told us yourself what you intended to do and I suppose with the recent Executive Order claiming governmental dominion over all our country’s natural resources and other materials, you imagine that you are just about done.

I believe the thing that might be your undoing, however, is that since you did not grow up in the United States, that you fail to understand the depth of the American spirit of freedom. Oh sure, you can ride roughshod over a great percentage of the populace because they are ignorant or have grown complacent over the years, but when you start to tighten the noose and the American People as a whole finally begin to understand what is truly happening, you will discover how important their God-given right of Freedom is to them. All of our other Presidents have had a deep love and respect for our country; we, naturally, expected that you would, too, so it is taking a while for the truth to wake the sleeping giant.

Our inspired Founders realized how important Liberty and self-determination is to the American spirit. They penned that our "unalienable" individual rights and freedoms are given by God and therefore, cannot be taken away by any man, including you, sir. It is not apparent that you have a good understanding of this truly American characteristic as described by Charlie Daniels: "You just go and lay your hand On a Pittsburgh Steelers' fan And I think you're gonna finally understand…" It is this hard-working, determined, indomitable spirit as epitomized by an American steel worker that made our great country the envy of the world; Mr. Reagan’s "Shining City on a hill." It will be this unshakeable spirit that will enable us to repair all the damage you have caused after you are gone.

In looking back at the past three years, it is now obvious that you have been doing everything you can to destroy this country. You have weakened our position and our respect among the other countries of the world. You have run up untold Trillions of dollars’ worth of debt that our children’s children’s children will still be paying off. You have wrecked our economy by weakening the value of our dollar from printing so much money, the amount of which we will probably never know. In the name of "stimulating" the economy, you have transferred billions of dollars from our hard-working middle class to your banker and business friends, ruining lives and dashing dreams along the way. You have ignored and marginalized our Constitution at every turn. Your administration has enacted over 10,000 new regulations impacting on every conceivable aspect of our commercial and personal lives. You have utilized the EPA, the FDA, the TSA and other governmental agencies to terrorize your fellow citizens. You have insulated your actions by stacking our justice system to such an extent that you have no worry of them. You have attempted to aggravate the tensions between different classes of citizens and instead of bringing people together as you promised; you have undone the progress that had been made from Dr. King’s time to the present. Your policies are responsible for maintaining a permanent underclass of citizens many of whom have no ambition whatsoever to better themselves; pretty soon they will outnumber those who are paying their bills. Some say the damage that you have overseen is almost to the point that it can never be undone, just as the First Lady said in a 2008 speech at UCLA, "Barrack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual…"

The American People are a great people; full of self-determination; willing to work hard for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones. All we want from the government is what it was charged with on its founding: to insure Domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the General Welfare and to secure the "Blessings of Liberty" to us and our children. Our government’s role is to establish the framework whereby its citizens can strive to be successful… to pursue their happiness… then get the hell out of their way!

This notion that the government must guarantee our happiness is absolute rubbish. There is no right that a citizen must be happy; our right as a free individual is the ability to STRIVE to be happy. The government has no mandate, legal or otherwise, to act as nursemaid from cradle to grave. Doing so makes the recipients weaker not stronger. Just because something sounds like a good idea and may even help someone, doesn’t mean you have the authority to enact it. I cannot hold up a bank to get money to give to a homeless family and neither can you; except you do and are proud of it, as if it doesn’t matter how many laws are broken if, in the end, you mean well. Real life doesn’t work like that, Mr. President. In real life, you would go to jail.

More and more people are catching on to your "transformation", sir, and they don’t like what they see.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln: "We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution." It is said that you think highly of Mr. Lincoln. One can’t help but wonder what he would think of you.

Sincerely and patriotically yours,

A Concerned Veteran

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