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Maintaining Fitness During Vacation

June is the beginning of vacation season. This year try something new! Plan your vacation around your workout. Anyone who exercises regularly knows how you feel when you miss a week or two of exercise. Your body gets sluggish and out of sorts. If you put your mind to it, you could come up with a fun vacation for the whole family and continue your exercise devotion at the same time.

Camping is a great getaway and a great way to get in some serious exercise, while having fun. Hiking, swimming, boating and bike riding are fun activities to share with family and friends. These are also great exercises for your heart, lungs, muscles, bones and weight loss.

Taking a spa vacation is another popular way of relaxing and keeping up with your health regiment. Most spas have structured and educational events, as well as relaxing activities and free time. Another nice feature is that some packages offer healthy eating classes. Your meals there are also prepared to your special needs or goals.

A backyard vacation is also a great way to relax and gives you the time you’ve been looking for to start a healthy eating and exercise program. If you have been putting off getting started on a workout routine, now’s your chance. Get started on vacation, while you have the time, so when you go back to work you will have your workout scheduled into your busy week. However you plan to vacation this year, keep your health in mind.

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