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Exercise Can Work With Medication

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

(5/2017) I have written about the benefits of exercise many times and I like to remind everyone again because you may not have been experiencing problems before but now you are. Repeating information again, that we have all heard before, may now be the right time for you.

Sometimes you know you should go for a walk but a nagging headache changes your mind. Well, think again before you decide not to go. Depending on the type of headache you have, walking could be just the answer. A stress or tension headache can actually be eased and may even disappear completely during a walk. Getting your blood pumping will do one of two things. It will either take the headache away or make it noticeably worse. The problem is not knowing which will happen this time. Most of the time exercise will help because you are concentrating on your walk and what you are seeing or talking about with your walking partner and you tend to forget about your headache. Suddenly, when you do remember it, itís gone.

If you have frequent headaches and canít determine what is causing them, contact your doctor. Headaches can be caused by many different stimuli. One cause of frequent headaches is food allergies. Many people can not use artificial sweeteners. I used them for years and my headaches slowly got worse and worse. Trying to determine what was causing my headaches, I decreased my variety of foods. Since my body was cleansed of different food types, I slowly incorporated back what I normally ate and to my surprise discovered that the sweetener was the cause of my headaches. A very, very big problem solved by cutting out one thing. Foods, odors, sounds and even colors can cause headaches for some people. Try to solve your headache problem by conducting some simple tests yourself, but if that doesnít work, call your doctor. I now have my life back and it makes such a difference living headache free.

Sharing your personal experience or solution to headaches or other ailments can help someone else. Thatís why I felt it was so important to write this article. If I had only known years ago, I would not have suffered with headaches for so long. The answer to your headache or other ailment may also be the answer for someone else. Tell your friends and family if you have discovered something like I did. It may be just what somebody needs to get their life back and feel good again. Once they do feel like themselves again, they can concentrate on their family and a long, healthy life with them. Exercise is a drug free way to improve your aches and pains and you may be pleasantly surprised that it may prevent some problems as well as take them away for good. Everyone is bound to have some pain in their life but if exercise and activity can improve how you feel it is so much safer than using a medication. Try the natural way of relieving pain but remember that sometimes you do need to talk with your doctor and possibly take some type of medicine. Hopefully, if you do need medication you can combine exercise with it to improve your lifestyle and overall health. There are other forms of natural healing such a acupuncture, chiropractic, rekkei and qigong. Many people today use one or more of these practices to improve their health and keep their bodies in the best shape possible. Eastern medicine has been practiced for centuries and is now being recognized as a natural and effective way of healing the body and soul. Today more people understand the Mind,Body and Spirit connection is a real way to heal the body of diseases and conditions. The natural forms that I have mentioned may not be able to cure some of the health problems alone but together with medication they may be able to accelerate the healing process.

There can be many other causes for headaches or other body pain but exercise can help with many of them. Getting your body moving and helping your muscles relax and become more flexible is a really big help. Tight muscles can cause tension headaches, neck or back pain, leg and even foot problems. Getting the blood flowing and acids moving through your muscles can get the toxic build up out of your body and give you a better quality of life. One of my clients told me that since she started exercising regularly she hardly ever has a headache. I am pleased that the exercise helped and that she shared this information with me so I can hopefully help others suffering from headaches or other pain. I know exercise is hard to work into your busy schedule but once you do you wouldnít know how you lived without it. Talk to a friend or family member and set a date to get started. Talk to your doctor first if you have health problems. If you do not have any apparent problems, start slowly and in a short time you will look forward to your walks and sharing your day with your walking partner.

If you have any questions, please call 717-334-6009. Fitness helps your total wellness. Sometimes fitness trainers can help you or we can direct you to someone who can help. Thatís what we are here for. Remember Keep Moving!!

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