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Fight allergies with exercise

Linda Stultz
Certified Fitness Trainer

(4/2017) Allergies have arrived! I know that is something many people are well aware of and this year they have arrived even earlier than usual. Allergy medication, shots and staying inside as much as possible are what get people through this time of runny eyes, noses, coughing and just feeling overall miserable.

Did you know that staying on your regular exercise program or maybe adding some exercise to your daily routine just may help lesson some of your allergy systems? I know when allergies strike you really don't feel like going for that walk, jog or to the gym for your workout but that may be just the thing to make you feel a little better.

One time when I had a bad cold and sinus infection my doctor told me to hit the treadmill. He said walking may help relieve some of the congestion and give my energy and immune system a boost. I had never heard that before and I can't say I felt better the next day but I followed his advice and I seemed to feel better, have more energy and get over the cold sooner than usual.

Exercise will raise your endorphin level and help relieve depression so it makes sense that it may make you feel better when your body is fighting off any illness. Having something to look forward to each day can give you a positive attitude and that will always make you feel better. I realize that going for a walk or jog may be just the thing that will set off some people's allergies because as soon as you set foot outside the door you are sneezing and coughing.

Try to prepare ahead of time before the buds and allergens are in full force. Find some DVDs that you can use in your own house so that you can walk or do a cardio routine right in your living room. Maybe you can get to the gym early in the morning or later in the evening when the wind calms down and is not blowing the allergens around so much. Think about a spin class or some other inside activity that you can do to stimulate your system, get your cardio and strength training workout in without being outside.

There are many classes offered at gyms and even some of the local schools. Talk to your friends and maybe you can get together for some exercise as well as social time. I have read different articles that suggest sharing social time with friends is just as beneficial for weight loss and many illnesses as the medication you may take or the treatments you may receive. That is not saying it should replace your medication or treatment.

I think sharing and spending time with people can let you see that you are not alone and many others have gone through or are going through right now what you are. This time together can improve your mood, give you ideas and help you find help you may never have heard about if you stayed to yourself. We can learn so much and help each other just be talking to each other. That's why I end my articles saying, if you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me at 717-334-6009. I am always trying to learn more so I can help my clients and readers.

Remember, Keep Moving!!

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please call me 717-334-6009, or via e-mail at

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