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A Teen's View

A New Chapter

Danielle Ryan

(7/2011) Starting this fall I will be starting a new chapter in my life as I begin my college education. I have just finished my senior year of high school and I am now beginning my journey into college. This change is both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. I was very excited to graduate from high school, but I also knew in the back of my mind, the new challenges and obstacles that were now facing me. I knew that by graduating high school I would now be able to move on to the next level of education, and I would be able to pursue my career. On the other side though, I knew that I now had a college education to pay for as well as all the other responsibilities that would come along with my new "adult status."

Now that I have turned eighteen, there are many new responsibilities that I must face. I have unfortunately come to the realization that I have limited summers left, as I will now be spending my college summers working. I also know that once I graduate from college, my summer "free" time will be even sparser. My freely spent summers will soon be gone.

Another responsibility that comes along with being an adult and college student is paying for my education. There have not been many possessions that I have had to pay for throughout my life, but now I have college tuition, books and meals to pay for. Oh, and then there is gas! I am sure everyone has been observing the always rising gas prices over the past two years. Unfortunately, one downside to being a college commuting student is that I will be paying to put gas in my car because I will be driving to and from school during the week. It certainly will not be fun to pay for the gas prices, but the opportunity to stay closer to home and closer to my family far outweighs the aspect of paying for gas.

Just as every adult throughout the world, I must now venture into the financial world. I will now begin to pay taxes as well as school loans. I know that I will learn how to dread the day the bills come in the mail.

In order to prepare myself for college I had to attend a college orientation. This day was spent being advised on courses that I should be choosing not only this fall but also courses that I will be looking at taking over the next four years.

I also spent this day learning about the different school activities and clubs that are offered and look forward to being able to join and be a part of organizations of my choice on campus. I especially look forward to being a part of clubs that involves community service projects. I found that in high school I really enjoyed being a part of my schools service club. This year I organized a collection for the Adams County SPCA in the area of Hanover, Pennsylvania. I really loved knowing that I was making a difference in the local community, especially in the local animal shelter. I really hope that I can become involved in service projects similar to this one once I begin college.

Another aspect of my orientation was spending time learning about the online system at Penn State. I learned that this system gives a student access to many different parts of the Penn State system. Through my account I will be able to contact teachers for help, review my courses, review my grades, assignments and notes, and keep track of my finances or my college bill.

As I spent the day on campus, choosing my courses, I began to feel a sense of nervousness, as I knew that the college experience would differ greatly from high school. I know that my courses will be more difficult and challenging and I know that the journey ahead of me will not be an easy one. I do know however, that I have a very strong will to accomplish that which I have set my mind to and I know that I wish to pursue my future career. I also know that I have the best support system behind me consisting of family and friends. Even though I may be nervous, I am also excited to start something new in my life. As I said, I really do look forward to pursuing my dream.

Overall I know that my apprehension of entering college will not last too long, because I believe that the excitement of college will soon come to overwhelm me. In just a couple of months I will be able to call myself a college student.

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